Facilities and Room Locations



The Department in Film and Media is situated in the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. On the third floor of the building we have several classrooms and seminar rooms. The third floor contains our main office, room 306, faculty and staff offices, meeting room/ library, and lounge. We also have a state-of-the-art Sound Studio, Edit Suites, and Animation Studios. There are 5 individual private Edit Suites that are macOS based and have the same software as in the DigiLab and are bookable for editing student productions and other media projects. The Animation Lab contains two 2-D animation table stands with a DSLR, lights and Dragonframe animation software for traditional frame-by-frame animation techniques.







Also on the third floor is our DigiLab, room 336. This is 16 seat lab that is used as a teaching classroom and as a place students can use to edit and complete work. The Digilab is a 16-seat macOS-based software demonstration & training studio and a open-access laboratory for Film & Media students. The software includes Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Apple pro-apps bundle (FCPx, Logic Pro, Motion, Compressor), 3D & VR/AR Software such as Blender, Unreal, & Unity as well as Reaper for a Digital Audio Workstation.








The Sound Studio is located on the third floor of the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. It is equipped with a macOS-based software LogicPro and Reaper with capability for simultaneous 16-track recording, a dedicated mixing control surface and stereo or 5.1 monitoring. The sound-proof facility also has space for recording voice-over, foley, and musical instruments. This is a teaching space for production courses and those focusing on sound production. 







The Vulnerable Media Lab (VML) is a state-of-the-art historic media transfer, remediation, and restoration research lab. With the ability to scan a wide variety of photo-chemical motion-picture gauges and audio formats at extremely high resolutions along with a wide variety of  magnetic media format support with hardware-based signal processing and scaling. The lab also has digital restoration capabilities software and processes to refine the sound and picture into modern file delivery formats, such as Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs).








On the second floor Film and Media hosts the Gordon Vogt Film Screening Room. Students enjoy this room for lectures, screenings, and Film Festivals. The Gordon Vogt Film Screening room is a 92-seat raked-floor screening room with a 19’ diagonal 1.85:1 floating screen and 7.1 surround sound playback. This micro-cinema features a 2k Christie DCP cinema projector and a High Definition 1080p a/v projector with Dolby Cinema Surround Sound processor.







The Production studio is a 1000 sq. ft. hybrid production space with 16’ ceilings and ample power connections. The space is ideal for small studio shoots and green screen application along with equipment and lightning demonstrations. The Production Studio is used as a teaching space for our production courses and utilized as a space for students to create work.








The equipment room located on the first floor houses our film and media equipment and cameras. Students can sign out equipment and cameras to facilitate their learning and complete projects. Our highly skilled technician assists students with camera needs and performs workshops to enhance camera and equipment skills. The Equipment Shop provides the front-line support and access to equipment for Film and Media students. With a variety of audio, lighting, support, and rigging equipment to augment the Production Studio and location shooting. The shop has Sony A6400 4k mirrorless cameras for 2nd year students, Sony A7s iii mirrorless cameras for 3rd/4th year and a Red Epic-MX for advanced productions.