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Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies


PhD Program

A PhD in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies is a 48 month program.

Admission Requirements

  • An MA or MFA in Film and Media, or cognate disciplines (communications, media production, cultural studies, art history, visual arts, popular culture, etc.)

  • Academic average of at least an A- when applying for the Doctoral degree

Degree Requirements

  • 3 Core Courses + 2 Option Courses
  • Qualifying exam
  • Dissertation/ Project

The program will examine students’ qualifications for advancing to candidacy through the review of a proposal for dissertation research, and an undergraduate course syllabus. The proposal must demonstrate comprehensive understanding of scholarly literature in the proposed research area, and a defensible rationale and plan for dissertation research and for the proposed format of the dissertation. Qualification for the PhD will also require successfully preparing a syllabus. In the proposal, students must demonstrate depth and breadth of knowledge in screen cultures and curatorial studies and the ability to apply and communicate knowledge; and in the proposal, students must demonstrate the professional capacity and autonomy to propose and pursue a unique area of knowledge production. The PhD advisor who supervises the student’s syllabus and proposal may also require the student to access additional resources during their preparation (for instance, Center for Teaching and Learning or School of Graduate Studies courses or workshops).


The minimum funding guarantee for Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies PhD students is $18,000 per year, throughout years 1-4. The funding package may be comprised of Queen’s Graduate Awards, Teaching Assistantships, and named internal Fellowships. We encourage all students to apply for external funding from OGS, SSHRC and other sources. Queen’s will automatically issue a $10,000 award to incoming PhD students who have won federal government tri-council awards. For more information, see the School of Graduate Studies’ information on awards and scholarships.