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Queen's Film 40th Anniversary Reunion

The Department of Film and Media (formerly the Department of Film Studies) marked its 40th anniversary with a weekend reunion 28-29 May, 2010. Some 150 former students and faculty came back to Kingston for several events, culminating in a celebratory dinner.

Many things besides our name have changed since Film Studies at Queen's was founded by Peter Harcourt. The Department has become significantly larger, and the latest in high-definition video production has replaced the old days of 16mm filmmaking. In addition to courses drawing from the past century or so of cinema, students have the opportunity to study television, video art, mass culture, and an array of new media. The biggest news is that we are finally getting a new home. In a few years Film and Media will be moving from Film House into the beautiful Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts on the shore of Lake Ontario, just a short walk west from the main campus. The 40-year Reunion was for some alumni a last chance to see the old house on Stuart Street.

  • Film Reunion 2010

    The beautiful weather gave alumni a nice opportunity to walk around Kingston, and down University Avenue past Ontario Hall  to Stuart Street.

  • Film Reunion porch photo

    Film House was open for tours. Recent graduates could remember their happy hours in the digital editing rooms, and older alumni like this group mostly from the 70's and 80's could recall the days of editing benches and film bins. 

  • Film Alumni

    One of the earliest graduates of Film Studies was Brigitte Berman (Arts '71) who found her memories still very strong. She posed with her husband Victor Solnicki and former Department Head Jim Kitses. 

  • Prof. Frank Burke and Alumni

    After the reception many former students including Fleur, Amanda, Eve and Ashley from 2007, relived the classroom experience. Frank Burke's lecture on Hercules films was given as part of Queen's MiniU, happening the same weekend. 

  • Film Reunion breakfast

    Former faculty members Jody Baker and Jim Kitses caught up with Frank Burke (right). On the left in the photo are alumni Laura (Wilson) Heselton ('82) and James Stuart ('86). 

  • At the future site of the Isabel

    Department Head Clarke Mackey conducted a tour of the site, describing the planned concert hall and the new facilities for all of Film and Media's activities with the exception of the largest classes. 

  • Milling about the Isabel future site

    Clarke fielded a number of questions, including Jim Kitses' concern about whether the Department's identity would survive the increasing integration with other fine arts units in the PAC. 

  • Tour continues

    Much of the existing 19th-century stone brewery building will be incorporated into the new centre, with the third floor of the tower seen here becoming the Film and Media computing lab. 

  • Registration time

    Following a very animated discussion in Ontario Hall of the current state and prospects of the Department, people got dressed up for the banquet at the Holiday Inn. Current students were on hand to help welcome guests including 1971 graduate Gord McClellan. 

  • Banquet guests

    Attending the banquet were students who graduated in almost every year since 1970, but the biggest turnout was from the class of 2004. 

  • Linda Graham and some Alumni

    There were plenty of smiling group photos taken, including this one of former students and technicians Pete Cassidy and Marc Griffin, with Linda Graham and Kara Haflidson ('06). 

  • Film Reunion Alumni 2010

    Eve Hoffman ('07, centre) was one of many to congratulate Erica Rodrigues ('06) and Rob Perry ('05) who recently announced their engagement. 

  • Derek Redmond and Film Alumni

    Former Queen's prof Jody Baker travelled from Vancouver, and posed here with Derek Redmond, Michele (Mike) Lawson ('94) and Joanne Rider ('92).