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Home Fires

Allan King: director

55 minutes

"Unconditional Surrender" (1983)

In "Unconditional Surrender," Syd returns home from the air force to find everything has changed. He has an infant son, needs to find a job, and his wife is more interested in buying a house than going on a honeymoon. No one around him understands what he's been through and he struggles with his memories of being a prisoner of war as he tries to reintegrate into society.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents Photo

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Allan King: director

30 minutes

"If The Shoe Fits" (1985)

In "If The Shoe Fits", a successful man is killed by his unsuccessful twin brother, who then tries to take to place of the murdered man. He rekindles the love between the dead man and his wife, gets a promotion at work and even breaks off the affair his brother was having. Just as his promotion is announced, the police enter the office and the man is arrested for the murder of the president of the company--the murder the dead brother committed.

"The Impatient Patient" (1985)

The "Impatient Patient" is about a man in the hospital with terminal cancer who has given up hope, until he kills an overly happy volunteer who makes his life hell. The man is relaxing when the doctor enters and tells him that he has been cured and can leave the hospital.

"Specialty of the House" (1985)

A food critic tries everything to get the recipe for fabulous lamb fritters in "Specialty of the House", but the restaurant owner refuses to part with the family secret. Eventually, he is shown into the kitchen where the chef reveals the special ingredient: human flesh.

"Murder Party" (1985)

In "Murder Party", a man holds a party on his birthday and fakes his own death, convinced that someone is out to kill him. The plot thickens when, as the suspects are being questioned, we learn that three of the men are having affairs with his wife. Eventually, in a wicked plot twist, the policeman and the man are poisoned while the wife runs off with the butler.

"World's Oldest Motive" (1987)

In "World's Oldest Motive", a rich but submissive husband is constantly being belittled by his gold digging wife, to the point where it become unbearable. His mistress leaves him due in most part to his lack of a backbone, and he eventually decides to "take care of his problem" by hiring a hitman to kill his wife. After the deal was made, however, the wife seems to undergo a change of attitude, and the husband begins to have second doubts about having her killed.

"User Deadly" (1988)

In "User Deadly", a soon to be retired detective is in the middle of tracking down a serial killer, the Rainbow Killer. This murderer uses computers and computer games to give out clues to where and when the murders are taking place. Unfortunately, the "old fashioned" detective isn't what you'd consider particularly computer literate. As he approaches his last few days on the force, and his computer knowledge starts to improve the killer continues to kill beautiful women and use computers as a tool in his evil game.

"Killer Takes All" (1988)

"Killer Takes All" is a story about two retired men, an ex-cop and a detective, who are now living in an old age home. Although they despise the place they don't have the money to move. They come up with the plan that involves at least one of them getting out: one of the men is to kill the other one and get the deceased's money. As you can probably guess, they both try to kill each other.

"Prism" (1988)

"Prism" is about a woman with multiple personalities who has killed her husband. The detective on the case spends his time interviewing all of these personalities, attempting find out to which one committed the crime.

"Deathmate" (1987)

"Deathmate" is about a elderly woman who falls in love with a younger man. She can't afford to leave her rich husband who controls all of the finances or she'd be broke, and the younger man she loves is only after her for the money, so the only option either of them have is to kill the husband.

"A Murder In Mind" (1988)

In "A Murder in Mind", an obnoxious murder mystery novelist suspects her neighbor of killing his wife. Throughout the episode, her head cooks up motives for the crime she believed was committed next door.

"Survival of the Fittest"

"Survival of the Fittest": An Englishman tries to outsmart a group of spies, one of whom is his wife's ex-lover, who have taken him hostage in his own house.

Philip Marlowe photo

Phillip Marlowe, Private Eye

Allan King: director

1 hour

"Red Wind" (1985)

"Red Wind," follows Private Eye Phillip Marlowe's investigation of a homicide on a hot southern night. All clues seem to lead back to Lola Barsely and her husband, a notable political figure preparing for an upcoming election. With the cops at his heels, Marlowe uncovers a web of abuse, secrets, and deceit.

"Blackmailer's Don't Shoot" (1986)

In "Blackmailer's Don't Shoot," a classic story of murder, mystery and suspense, Phillip Marlowe is hired as a private investigator to protect and look out for a famous Hollywood movie star. The job turns out to be harder than he thought when the woman he was sent to protect ends up being kidnapped.

Twilight zone photo

The Twilight Zone

Allan King: director

28 min

"Dream Me a Life" (1985)

In "Dream me a life," Roger Leads gets a retirement home re-awakening. After his wife has been dead for three years, Leads is troubled by nightmares in which a mysterious woman asks him to save her. His troubles are aggravated when the woman from his dreams moves in next door. Leads is then forced to face his fears in order to help the woman face hers.

Friday the 13th photo

Friday the 13th: The Series

Allan King: director

1 hour

"Episode #9" (1987)

Three young, curious, vendors are in the process of trying to retrieve various antiques, sold by the former owner of the store, that are thought to have been possessed. In the ninth episode they are in search of an antique mulcher thought to spit out money to the person who killed and fed the mulcher the corpses.

danger bay picture

Danger Bay

Allan King: director

30 minutes

"Something New" (1988)

In "Something New", a proposal of marriage is brought forth and accepted. This episode attempts to show the hardships of dealing with a big change in the family, accepting a new parental figure, and how to cope when you don't really have much choice.

"Second Honeymoon" (1988)

In the episode "Second Honeymoon", Grant gets chicken pox and is bedridden for a couple of days. During that time, his wife offers to wait on him hand and foot until his full recovery. Unfortunately for her, he proves to be more than she bargained for.

"Roots and Wings" (1987)

Grant's son Jonah has a new girlfriend in "Roots and Wings" who's very wealthy. He wants to impress her but it becomes too expensive, and he learns the hard way that she wasn't worth all the lying and cheating.

"A Place for Ponga" (1986)

"A Place for Ponga" centers around Ponga, an orangutang with an anger-management problem. No one is quite sure what was wrong with her, and people try to help, but to no avail. It turns out all Ponga needed was a friend, a companion.

"Deep Trouble" (1987)

In "Deep Trouble", Jonah's friend wishes his father would trust him to scuba dive, but while Jonah is giving him lessons, they encounter an eel. Startled, the friend shoots off a dart gun, which he was warned not to bring, and injures the eel. Even though the eel survives, Jonah takes the blame for his friend.

"The Rally" (1987)

Jonah has a new friend in "The Rally", who's good looking, smart and funny. However, this new friend seems to be moving in on Jonah's girlfriend. A huge argument ensues between the three and the friendship seems to be hanging by a thread until they decide to talk it out rationally and to put the misunderstanding behind them.

"Stormy Weather" (1988)

"Stormy Weather": Grant, J.L. and Nicole embark on a camping adventure by the river, but a bad storm turns their outing into a disaster when Nicole falls into the rapids and is injured.

"The Only Way Up is Down" (1990)

"The Only Way Up is Down": Nicole takes up mountain climbing, but after falling during during practice, she is hesitant to go climbing the next day. Grant tries to dissuade Nicole from doing the climb, but Nicole is intent on finishing what she started

"Looking Back" (1990)

"Looking Back": The Roberts family reflects, through flashback of past episodes, on their last six years of living in Danger Bay.

"High Ice" (1990)

"High Ice": George suffers a compound fracture in his leg while on an expedition, which Grant tried to convince him not to embark on.

Neon rider photo

Neon Rider

Allan King: director

1 hour

"You Can Run" (1990)

In "You Can Run", Dr.Terry is visited by an old patient of his. This young man does not intend to be friendly, and he steals a horse to try and lure Dr. Terry out into the woods and kill him. This young man, Duke, believes himself to be a military officer and thinks that Mike (Dr. Terry) is the enemy. While this is going on, a young girl, Jenny, who was sent to the ranch to escape from her abusive father is also in turmoil. Once her father found out that she was taken to the ranch he went back for her mother, she ran off in hopes that she would never be bothered by him again.

Odyssey photo

Odyssey III

Allan King: director

1 hour

"The Learning Curve" (1994)

In "The Learning Curve," a battle of wits ensues when both Jay and Flash try out to be the tester for the 'Fractolizer,' a new device that allows people to walk through walls. Flash is selected to test-drive the device, inciting Jay to prove his intelligence by getting into the honors English class. However, Jay soon discovers that his most important duty is saving Flash from the flawed Fractolizer before he becomes trapped in a wall.

Kung Fu picture

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Allan King: director

1 hour

"Temple" (1994)

"Temple": Kwai Chang Caine and his son, Peter, visit the old Shaolin temple, burnt down years ago by the townspeople. While there, Kwai Chang and Peter befriend a widow and her son, who are being harassed by some men in the town because of their ties to the Shaolin faith.

"The Possessed" (1994)

"The Possessed": After a Catholic priest is killed during an exorcism, Kwai Chang Caine and Peter must get rid of the evil spirit inhabiting various individuals in the church.

"Citizen Caine" (1995)

"Eye Witness" (1995)

Lightning Force Picture

Lightning Force

Allan King: director

"Fallout" Parts 1 and 2 (1991)

"Fallout": A world-wide team of anti-terrorists visits the USSR...

"Belfast Says No" (1991)

"Belfast Says No": The team must stop the IRA's plan of attacking the Irish Prime Minister when he visits Belfast.

"Smart Bullet" (1991)

"Smart Bullet": The team is in France, trying to capture a group of terrorists who are after Lightning Force.

ready or not picture

Ready or Not

Allan King: director

30 minutes

"Three's a Crowd" (1994)

Tension builds in "Three's a Crowd" between Amanda and Bizzy when Amanda starts seeing Bizzy's older brother Frankie. What's Bizzy to do now that she and Amanda aren't spending much time together, and Frankie is leading Amanda on without any intentions of pursuing a relationship?

"Under One Roof" (1994)

In "Under One Roof", Bizzy just wants to play in her band and have her parents leave her alone, especially when her vegetarian bandmates persuade her to argue with her "butcher" father. When it comes down to choosing her band or her family, Bizzy and her father reach an interesting compromise: the band plays a classic Italian song at the family reunion.

Road to Avonlea picture

Road to Avonlea

Allan King: director

1 hour

"Homecoming" (1995)

"Homecoming": Ellie is finally well again and is ready to return home to Avonlea but Janice and Alec still worry that she'll relapse. They continue to treat her like an invalid, which in turn, causes more problems than they expected. Felicity decides to drop out of medical school and her love for Gus grows stronger upon hearing word that he would soon return home. A mysterious accident occurs and the news of Gus' death soon spreads while Felicity is left with a broken heart.

"The Minister's Wife" (1994)

In "The Minister's Wife", a new minister has come to Avonlea and his wife is more that the small town can handle. Her vibrant hats and energy are too much for the peaceful residents. The only one who decides to give this woman a chance is Janet King, and over time, they become great friends. The minister's son and Sarah take quite a liking to one another and Hetty permits Sarah to be courted by this young man--but not without constant supervision.

"Felix and Blackie" (1992)

"Felix and Blackie": Written by Heather Conkie. Alec King is planning to sell Blackie, the Kings' horse that Felix sees as part of the family. Felix persuades his father to keep the aging horse, but Felix must take care of him. Felix starts up a delivery service with Blackie to earn money, but 'Felix & Co. Delivery' ends up being too much for the boy and his horse to handle.

"Another Point of View" (1992)

"Another Point of View": The town of Avonlea is not pleased with Hettie King's teaching. When the townspeople let her know, Hettie decides to quit. Her brother, and member of town council, hires an out of work Shakeapearian actor (Christopher Lloyd) who lies about his credentials. But 'Professor' Dimple's dramatic method of teaching has all the children interested, and Hettie ends up learning from the experience as well.

"A Dark and Stormy Night" (1992

"A Dark and Stormy Night": Written by Hart Hanson. Hettie King's serial magazine stories become a reality when Gus Pike comes between a beautiful young woman, Ms. Amanda Stone, and the enemy she is trying to escape, Mr. Rutherford (Christopher Reeve). Ms. Stone entrusts Gus with her precious gemstones, but the situation becomes worse when the true identity and intentions of Ms. Stone are revealed.

"Otherwise Engaged" (1994)

"Otherwise Engaged": Written by Heather Conkie. After receiving a promotion to Assistant Manager of the White Sands Hotel, Gus Pike is ready to ask Felicity King to marry him. However, Felicity has other plans and is intent on attending Dalhousie medical school. The couple must then decide what choice is right for them.

"Davey and the Mermaid" (1996)

"Davey and the Mermaid": The Annual Avonlea Fair is on and this year the latest addition -- a midway -- has upset some townspeople, whereas others marvel at the newest form of entertainment. Davey, in particular, is fascinated with the mermaid in the midway and spends all his time and money at the show. But by night, the town of Avonlea finds out the truth about the travelling carnival.

"Woman of Importance" (1996)

"Woman of Importance": Izzy Pettibone feels that her father, Clive, is being too hard on her and her brother Morgan, who was just expelled from military school. Izzy writes to her Aunt Lillian (Dianne Weist) in Boston and invites her to Avonlea, with the intention of going back to Boston with her aunt. However Clive does not get along with his sister-in-law, and when Lillian comes to Avonlea, the family begins to feud.

By way of the stars picture

By Way Of the Stars

Allan King: director

30 minutes

"Episode #1" (1993)

In "Episode #1", Lukas is a blacksmith's apprentice living with his family in Russia in the late 1800's. His mother dies during childbirth, and his grandfather offers to take he and his father back to the "Canadas" with him. He refuses, and in an rage he takes off to the river where he inadvertently witnesses the Baroness' brother murder a man. He's threatened by the Baroness' brother into secrecy, for fear that he or his father be murdered as well.

"Episode #2" (1993)

"Episode #2" begins with Lukas' father trying to make some money by painting the Baroness' portrait. While he's getting ready, he notices that her diamond earrings have gone missing. Although the real thief was her own brother who stole the diamonds to pay off a debt, he plants them in Lukas' father's briefcase so he is the accused. He's charged and imprisoned, and the Baroness takes in Lukas as a stable boy. The scheming begins as Lukas and a friend plan to free his father from jail and' escape to Canada.

"Episode #3" (1993)

In "Episode #3", Lukas' father is sent to the Americas. Lukas, having missed the ship, is forced to board the same ship the Baroness, her daughter, and her brother. Lukas confronts the Baroness about the truth about her stolen diamonds, and she in turn immediately confronts her brother. Unfortunately, the ship is ravaged by small-pocks, and the Baroness dies, but not before her daughter overhears Lukas' plight and helps him escape. Lukas' father lands in South Carolina and searches for work so he can move north to Niagra, where he is to meet Lukas at his father-in-law's.

"Episode #4" (1993)

Lukas arrives in Canada, in "Episode #4", and he and the Baroness' daughter, Ursula, make their way by wagon to Niagra. Upon arriving, he discovers that his father has given custody to his grandfather for a year. Not accepting this fate, Lukas and Ursula take off into the unknown country in search of his father.