How to Apply

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Application Timeline

We accept applications for each academic year between October 1st of the previous year and January 31st of the start year. Notice of acceptance/rejection is normally sent by the end of March. Please fill out and submit our Pre-Application Survey at any time prior to starting a full application. Details below.

Please note: To be considered for the top Queen's awards and scholarships, domestic students should apply for federal and provincial graduate awards (SSHRC, and Ontario Graduate Scholarships) as well. We also recommend that you submit your full application to our School of Graduate Studies as early as possible. The deadline for 2022-23 applications will be January 31st, 2022. 

How to Apply

Step 1: Complete and Submit our Pre-Application Survey

A representative from our graduate program will contact you following submission of the pre-application survey to confirm whether or not you should continue with a full application based on your research interests, experience, and educational background.

Pre-Application Survey

Step 2: Initiate an Online Application

All Queen’s University graduate program applicants must prepare and submit an online application through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). To initiate an online application, applicants must visit the SGS site click SGS Application. The 2022-23 SCCS application will become available in the SGS portal on September 9th, 2021.

To begin an application for the Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies graduate program on the SGS site:

  • Create a unique login and password to start an account  or login to an existing account
  • Once logged in, press the “Start an Application” button
  • Select “Film and Media / Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies” from the list of Departments
  • Select either the MA or the PhD program option as well as a program start date
  • Read and acknowledge the Queen’s University codes of ethics and conduct in order to proceed with the online application

Further details on the SGS application process are available at SGS Application on the SGS website.

Step 3: Compile Required Documentation & Check Testing Requirements


A complete application must include official, up-to-date transcripts for all current and previous study the applicant has listed in the "Academic Background" section of the online application. Please note the following details:

Official transcripts must be sent directly to SGS by the issuing institution(s) via the following mailing address:

School of Graduate Studies
Queen's University
Gordon Hall Room 425
74 Union Street
Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

Though official transcripts must be provided prior to successful applicants beginning their graduate studies in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies, for application purposes, scanned copies of official transcripts are acceptable. Queen’s reserves the right to extend conditional offers of acceptance to applicants who have yet to provide official, hard-copy transcripts from their previous academic institutions.

Important Notes on Providing Transcripts:

  • Degree and graduation certificates must be included if the transcript does not indicate the type of degree and date granted
  • Transcripts in languages other than English or French must be accompanied by an English or French translation provided by the institution issuing the transcript
  • Transcripts printed from a university website are not permitted
  • Hard-copy official transcripts received as part of an application for admission must be received in sealed envelopes
  • Transcripts submitted with applications become the property of Queen's University, are subject to verification, are not available for copying and will not be returned to the applicant

Testing Requirements

Any applicant whose first language is not English, but who, within the 12-month period prior to the month of application, has studied for at least one complete year at a post-secondary institution where English is the official language of instruction, may submit with their application a request to be exempted from the English language proficiency test requirement. The Director of Admissions, School of Graduate Studies, will review the request. The applicant will be informed of the results of the review. 

Applicants whose native languages do not include English and who do not meet the exemption criteria listed above will need to earn satisfactory standing in an English Language Proficiency Test as part of the application process, and before final acceptance is granted. SGS will prompt applicants to provide information regarding their language skills in the “Languages” section of the online application.

Step 4: Prepare & Submit Online Application

During the online application process, applicants are required to complete a series of modules that include providing a summary of educational and professional experience, drafting a research statement, providing contact information for two references, etc. You may save your progress in the application portal, so there's no need to finish the full application in one session. Remember to save your SGS Application Portal login information so that you can revisit your application.

Note on References: The application portal will require applicants to submit two "academic" references. However, if you don't have two academic references, we will accept one academic and one professional reference. Simply input the contact information for your two references and the application portal will send your referees a link to a reference questionnaire. Referees may also have the option of uploading a letter. 

Applicants must complete all the application modules before verifying and submitting the application for review.

Step 5: Prepare & Submit Additional Documentation via Email to Melissa Shumaker.

Although some of the online application modules may capture similar information, the Department of Film & Media requires that additional documentation be provided directly to Melissa Shumaker, Graduate Assistant, via email. In order to complete an application for graduate studies in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies, applicants must provide the following supplementary documentation via email:

1)  Cover Letter

Indicate your background, interest in the program, and the name(s) of potential supervisor(s). You may address the letter to "Dr. Dorit Naaman, Graduate Coordinator."

2)  Academic Writing Sample

Preferably a short research essay or a curatorial statement (between 10 and 15 pages, double-spaced where possible, in PDF format). If you do not have a writing sample that short, please provide an excerpt from a larger work. The excerpt should not exceed 15 pages. If you do not have a recent writing sample, you may contact the SCCS Grad Chair for advice on what to submit, though you will likely be asked to write something to provide as a sample. 

3)  A Curriculum Vitae (Not required for MA applicants)

When applying for a Doctoral degree (in PDF format)

Submit these additional materials to Melissa Shumaker, Graduate Assistant, via email ( Failure to submit these additional materials will nullify your application to SCCS. 


Questions? Please Contact Me.

Melissa Shumaker, Graduate Assistant
Department of Film & Media, Queen's University
Isabel Bader Centre, 390 King St. West
Kingston, ON K7L 2X4
Phone: 613-533-6000 x 79044