Awards for Project-based & Portfolio PhD Research

To advance its intermediate and longer-term goal of re-envisioning doctoral study and the PhD “thesis,” the Faculty is introducing the FAS Awards for Project-based and Portfolio PhD Research. This award program provides financial support for students pursuing doctoral research who are undertaking a project option and/or a portfolio PhD. For a description of the three options available to students pursuing a PhD, see the School of Graduate Study information sheets, “The PhD thesis – Enabling Flexibility (For Programs)” and “The PhD thesis – Enabling Flexibility (For Students).” The Award supports costs directly related to the completion of the degree to a maximum value of $3,000. It will support graduate programs in FAS, which are responding to increased student demand for non-traditional, or "alternative" doctoral formats that accommodate different research contributions and applications, new forms of knowledge mobilization, the development of new competencies (i.e. digital, entrepreneurial), and that foster student awareness of the transferable skills acquired in the completion of the doctoral degree.  

The deadline for submission is May 13, 2024.