Concurrent Education Program

The Concurrent Education model is a five-year dual degree program (four years for your first degree, and one year for your BEd. Students complete an honours undergraduate degree in Arts, Science, or Music and an undergraduate Education degree. In the Concurrent Education Program, teacher candidates pursue academic and professional studies simultaneously. With the strong field-centred orientation of the Education components, the Concurrent Education program has the advantages of clarifying vocational interest, sharpening awareness of issues inherent in teaching and learning, and achieving better integration of academic and professional studies.

In first year, students admitted to our acclaimed Concurrent Education program take one Education course and have a two-week practical experience in elementary classrooms as part of the BEd program, while taking a full course load in their honours undergraduate degree program. In each of the second and third years, as part of the BEd program, students take one Education course and annually complete a three-week practical experience in an elementary or secondary school, while taking a full course load in their honours degree program. The practical experiences are often carried out in May or June, after the university winter academic term ends. In the fourth year, no Education courses are scheduled in order to allow teacher candidates to focus on completing their undergraduate degree.

After completing an honours undergraduate degree, teacher candidates complete their BEd degree. In this final year of the program, teacher candidates undertake a combination of courses at the Faculty of Education and in-school practical teaching, (totaling 13 weeks). In the BEd year, all teacher candidates complete an elective course in a specialized area that corresponds with an alternative practical experience (3 weeks of the total 13 weeks), such as arts-based education, school leadership, at-risk adolescents, nature-based environmental education, and teaching internationally.

For the BEd degree, Queen's Faculty of Education offers two program options: Primary-Junior (JK to Grade 6) and Intermediate-Senior (Grade 7 to 12). As well, Queen's offers three program tracks, which are focused programs offered within the Primary-Junior or Intermediate-Senior program options: Aboriginal Teacher Education (ATE), Artist in the Community Education (ACE), and Outdoor and Experiential Education (OEE). Upon successful completion of the BEd degree, the Faculty of Education recommends teacher candidates to the Ontario College of Teachers for certification to teach in the Primary-Junior or Intermediate-Senior division levels in Ontario Schools.

In addition to classroom teaching in public and separate schools in southern Ontario, Queen's graduates may choose from a number of related career paths. These include teaching positions in private schools, international schools, and schools in northern and isolated areas. Outside the classroom, many opportunities exist for educators and trainers in business and industry, adult education centres, public relations and consulting firms, and educational publishing, among other environments. Teachers have many skills that are transferable to a variety of settings.

Concurrent Education Degrees (5 years)

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (BAH) and Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Science Honours (BSH) and Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • Bachelor of Music (BMus) and Bachelor of Education (BEd)

Please note that Queen's also offers an eight-month Consecutive Education Program. As of 2015-16, this will become a 16-month program and will begin May 2015.

For more information about the Concurrent Education Program or Consecutive Education Program, visit the Faculty of Education website or contact us by email at or by phone at 613-533-6205.

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