Classics (CLST)

Classical Studies:  What CLST should I take?

The Department of Classics offers three first-year courses in Classical Studies, though not all may be available in any given year.  Students may choose one of the following::

CLST 100/6.0  Introduction to Classical Literature

CLST 101/6.0  Introdcution to Greek and Roman Civilization

CLST 129/6.0  Introduction to Archaeology

All three courses offer students an introduction to the study of classical civilizations.  Any one of these courses should be taken by any student in first year who intends to pursue a Plan in Classical Studies, Greek, or Latin.  Any one of these courses would also be recommended for a student who intends to pursue a Plan in Medieval Studies.  Any one of these courses is a good elective choice for any student in Arts or Science.  In all cases, choose the CLST course that best suits your interests. 

NOTE:  All 6.0 unit courses are multi-term courses. These courses are offered across the Fall and Winter Terms.  When students enrol in the "A" suffix course in the Fall Term, the "B" suffix will automatically be added to the Winter Term.Both halves of the course will be offered at the same time in the course timetable.