Volunteer Peer Advisor
P.A.S.S. Office

Hey, class of 2017! My name’s Levi, and I’m very excited to be working with PASS this year! I’m from Ottawa, and I’m a second year Con-Ed student, majoring in physics. I’m in the Intermediate/Senior division, with my teaching subjects being physics and math. Other than PASS, I’m involved in a diverse batch of activities and fundraisers, including Relay for Life and the Con-Ed Student Association, and in my spare time, I’ll read just about anything, or play my tuba!

As fun and exciting as first year can be, jumping into a completely new academic environment can be pretty intimidating. We’ve got your back, though! If you’re confused about degree plans, required courses, academic regulations or any other academic concerns, then stop by! This will be my first year working with the program, and I’m thrilled to have the chance to help out first year students this way. I look forward to meeting you - welcome to Queen’s!