Access to Courses

The following principles are designed to facilitate student's access to the courses necessary for the degree and to enable departments to manage enrolments:

  1. All first-year Arts and Science students should have priority in access to 100-level courses. There are several reasons for ensuring access for first-year students:

    • First-year is often a period of academic discovery for students, and therefore as many options as possible should be available to allow students to test out their interests in a number of fields.
    • Given the different backgrounds of students entering Queen's, the grades given at the end of first year establish a common bench mark for evaluation of student progress by departments and by students themselves.



  2. Departments will offer priority in upper-year courses to concentration students. Some special consideration to students pursuing a General degree must be given under this heading. When we speak of concentrations, many think only of the Honours students.

  3. All Departments must maintain a degree of "service" teaching for a number of purposes:


    • To allow for electives in student programs;
    • To maintain supporting credits for degree programs (i.e. Physics needs Math credit (Math 121 or 120 or 122) even though it is not directly part of the student's concentration courses but is required for the degree);
    • To make available the courses necessary for completing such interdisciplinary programs as Gender Studies, Global Development Studies and Environmental Studies.