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Exam Cancellations / Evacuations


  • Safety threats in exam halls will be thoroughly and diligently assessed and occupants of the building will be informed, if the circumstances warrant.
  • Exams that are evacuated with more than 30 minutes remaining in the exam period will resume if the venue is declared safe within a reasonable amount of time. Instructors will be notified as soon as possible and will have the responsibility to decide how to deal with the interruption and its effect on the exam. In all cases, information will be posted on the departmental web site as soon as possible after a disrupted exam.

Gordon Hall, Room 110 | 613-533-2101

Evacuation Policy

If your exam is disrupted please check your Faculty website, email your instructor, or check the course website for any instructions. Visit the following link to access the different Faculties and Departments at Queen's:

Please do not email the Exams Office. We do not have the information.

Cancellation for Inclement Weather

If adverse weather conditions cause a closure of the University, then an announcement of the official decision to close will be posted on the University website at   

A posted official announcement of the closure means that all examinations scheduled for that particular day (or part thereof) are also cancelled. 

If an examination is cancelled, the instructor of the course will have the authority to decide how to deal with the cancellation of the exam and its effect on the course.  Information will be posted on the Department/Faculty website as soon as possible after the cancellation.