Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Political Studies - Master of Arts

The M.A. is a one-year program that consists of six half-courses, with a 50-60 page major research paper (POLS 898, which may be developed out of a term paper in one of the courses). This MRP will be supervised by a member of faculty, and graded by that person and one other faculty member who has knowledge of the subject.  All students will be expected to enrol in three half-courses in the first term.

Master of Arts Specialization in Political and Legal Thought

Master's students in this specialization will be required to take a total of six term-length courses, a minimum of four of which must be courses designated as Political and Legal Thought (PLT), from the Department of Political Studies, the Department of Philosophy, or the Faculty of Law. PLT students also write a 50-60 page major research paper (POLS-898). 

Master of Arts Concentration in Nationalism, Ethnicity, Peace, and Conflict

The concentration in Nationalism, Ethnicity, Peace, and Conflict (NEPC) allows students to specialize in the study of national and ethnic conflict by taking designated courses from the Political Studies offerings. This program builds on the department's recognized strength in this area, providing an exciting opportunity for engagement with world renowned, award-wining scholars in a vibrant intellectual community.  

Students complete three term-length courses in the field of NEPC (out of a total of six required courses) as well as a Major Research Paper in the area.   

Students wishing to be considered for this concentration should use the regular application process for an MA in Political Studies and make a note of their preference in the area designated for field of interest.