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Rehabilitation Science - Doctor of Philosophy

The Ph.D. program will normally involve three to four years of full-time study. The program involves:

Core Courses (2): RHBS 933 and RHBS 904.

Students entering the program from the M.Sc. program in Rehabilitation Science, having completed RHBS 833 and RHBS 804   and are exempt from the above core courses and must take only the required number of electives.

Elective Courses: A minimum of 6.0 additional course credit units selected from the calendar listings. Students may complete their elective requirements through taking a combination of 1.5- and 3.0-credit unit courses, and may select from courses offered by the program and those offered by other programs or departments. Electives should be selected with the guidance of the student's supervisor. Core courses and the elective courses that meet the minimum requirements for electives are all considered primary courses.

Comprehensive examination: Ph.D. students are expected to successfully complete their comprehensive examination within the first four academic terms of their program.

The comprehensive examination is a means of ensuring that all graduates of our doctoral program:

  • Demonstrate the breadth and depth of knowledge related to Rehabilitation Science
  • Can formulate and defend arguments based on critical appraisal of the research evidence within the rehabilitation science literature
  • Integrate and situate knowledge generated in the rehabilitation science field more broadly, such as within the health sciences community and society in general
  • Can competently discuss how different research methods are used to create knowledge in the field of rehabilitation science.
  • Apply their knowledge to critically appraise and synthesize basic, clinical and applied research relevant to their research area

The examination will comprise  written and oral components that will test the student's knowledge in Rehabilitation Science in general, research methods used in rehabilitation science, and in the area of the student's research focus

Research proposal defense: The preparation of a written proposal for planned doctoral research, and public oral defense of the proposed research is a program milestone.

Thesis requirement:  RHBS 999 

RHBS 903 Seminar Program: This non-primary course is obligatory for all Ph.D. students and includes attendance at seminars, thesis proposal presentations and open defenses (Ph.D.) that take place within the School of Rehabilitation Therapy, attendance and participation in journal club, and delivery of two different lectures within the M.Sc.(P.T.) or M.Sc.(O.T.) programs.

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The School of Rehabilitation Therapy also offers graduate programs in Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Aging and Health, and Rehabilitation and Health Leadership.

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