Analytical Services Unit

Analytical Services Unit
Analytical Services Unit

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The Queen's University Analytical Services Unit



ASU is accredited by CALA (formerly CAEAL) to the standards of ISO/IEC 17025. We are an environmental analytical laboratory, and have been providing analytical services at Queen’s University for over 25 Years

The unit is available to assist industry, government, the university community and the public with analytical chemistry problems. The ASU also has experience to assist with environmental assessments and associated activities.


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The ASU has aided 50 professors in 20 different departments of the university and over 200 industrial organizations with chemical analysis problems. The unit also accommodates the special needs of clients such as analytical method development and specific research projects, both large and small.


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The Analytical Services Unit has worked on a wide variety of environmental projects. Current work is associated with the cleanup of former military bases in the Canadian Arctic. Work at these sites has involved conducting environmental assessments, development of cleanup proposals, establishing on-site procedures and solving problems unique to specific sites.



In recent years, we have been involved with training at the Nunavut Research Institute (NRI) in Iqaluit. Field trips are sometimes incorporated into the course and often result in an exchange of cultural experiences such as traditional seal hunting demonstrations.