Collaborative research and Development Grants - Project (CRDPJ) entitled "Phytoextraction: A green technology for remediating organochlorine contaminants at brownfield sites" , with Dow Chemical Canada Inc., Schneider Electric Canada, Jaques Whiteford Environmental Ltd.

Dr Allison Rutter (ASU) in collaboration with Dr Barbara Zeeb (RMC) were awarded an NSERC grant in the field of phytoremediation. Funds for the award were matched by industrial sponsors (Dow Chemicals Canada Inc, Schneider Electric Canada and Jacques Whitford Environmental Ltd). In total, over $800K in funds were awarded: $414K NSERC, $343K Industrial sponsors and $84K in-kind funds.


The top two photographs show the initial construction of the site and PhD candidate Melissa Whitfield-Aslund examining some of the plants growing there. The bottom two photographs show the extraction process (continuous solvent extraction) and the extracts being analyzed.



The ASU staff also assisted Dr. Barb Zeeb's students with phytoremediation research at Point Pelee National Park, looking at the potential for pesticide and metals contamination.

planting plot  watering test plot

Planting the field test plot with potential accumulator plants and watering the plot (above).

Sampling plants from the planted test plot and the wild test plot (below). PPE was required due to poison ivy.

plant sampling test plot  sampling