Ion Chromatography

Dionex ICS3000

Ion Chromatograph

(now sold under Thermo Scientific)

The ASU operates an ICS-3000 Dionex instrument with an autosampler.

Ion Chromatography System

This is a sophisticated research grade instrument. Both routine and complex analytical problems can be solved. This instrument is currently used to test for simple anions in water: fluoride, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, bromide, sulfate and phosphate are typically analyzed in a carbonate/bicarbonate eluent on an AS11 column.

We also have a variable wavelength detector (VWD) to compliment our TCD (conductivity detector).

Variable wavelength detector

Enhanced UV-Vis Detection

"The VWD variable wavelength detector can be used for a variety of applications that require UV or visible detection. The VWD allows monitoring of up to four separate wavelengths at the same time. In addition, precise thermal stabilization of both the eluent and the lamp housing minimizes noise and drift in the baseline.

The VWD's dual beam detection method reduces noise, increases signal-to-noise ratio, and ensures excellent linearity. The VWD utilizes high quality deuterium and tungsten lamps to cover wavelengths from 180–900 nm. Moreover, integrated chip technology identifies detector cell and lamp properties and tracks lamp usage. System wellness and predictive performance features of Chromeleon software monitor lamp intensity and usage, and can provide warning when limits are exceeded".

See ICS3000 Brochure


The Detector/Chromatography Module

"The lower compartment organizes columns and valves, and equilibrates eluent to the correct temperature before it reaches the column. The upper compartment, which can maintain a different temperature, organizes detection components in its lower section and automation components in its upper section. Thoughtfully designed mounts and connectors not only make component installation and removal fast and easy, but also keep tubing and cable lengths short to minimize dead volumes". - See Brochure

ICS modules

Metal Free for IC and Biological Samples

"The ICS-3000 is the optimal liquid chromatography system for IC and biomolecule analysis. With a 100% metal-free system (autosampler, pump, flow path, and detector), the ICS-3000 is able to overcome the limitations of traditional stainless steel or other metal chromatography systems affected by corrosive mobile phases. Metal flow paths can cause denaturation or absorption effects with some analytes, resulting in poor chromatography. The complete PEEK™ flow path of the ICS-3000 system eliminates the possibility of system corrosion".  - See Brochure

User friendly interface

The software is relatively intuitive to use. Control panels show the systems status and allow for easy modification of the individual modules.

ICS Software