Investigation and Implementation of a Hydrocarbon Contaminant Remediation Solution in the Canadian Arctic

The application of both bioremediation and a barrier system for contaminant remediation was investigated for implementation at Resolution Island, Nunavut. Preliminary investigations included an environmental assessment, contaminant delineation, and hydrocarbon characterization. The project included an investigative approach to employing the Canada-Wide Standards for Petroleum Hydrocarbons in soil (not previously applied to Nunavut and the Canadian Arctic) and ultimately a recommendation for the environmental cleanup. Experimental design considered such factors as the chemical properties of the hydrocarbon contaminant and character of the diesel spill, geographic location, history, geology and climate. Landfarming trials were conducted on site and laboratory studies complemented these and included an molecular investigation and characterization. 

Landfarm Landfarm Sampling

Landfarm preparation (above) and final experimental plots (below).

landfarm plots