Analytical Services Unit

Analytical Services Unit
Analytical Services Unit


Indra Kalinovich

Kalinovich, Indra - Ph.D. Civil Engineering

Title: The Design and Applications of a Funnel and Gate Barrier System for PCB Remediation in the Canadian Arctic

Co-supervisors: Dr. John Poland and Dr. Allison Rutter, ASU and Dr Kerry Rowe, Civil Engineering


Kalinovich I, Rutter A, Rowe RK, McWatters R and Poland JS, "The Application of Geotextile and Granular Filters for PCB Remediation", Geosynthesis International (2007), accepted.


Manion, Nathan - M.Sc. Biology

Title: Determining Geochemical Distributions in Aquatic Sediment Associated with Increased Methylmercury Production and Uptake by Macroinvertebrates.

Co-supervisors: Dr. Allison Rutter and Dr. Linda Campbell