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Community & Social Connection

Simply put, humans need social connection. This is perhaps especially true during this time of widespread uncertainty and change. 

This page highlights techniques, tools and strategies to help deepen social connections and feelings of belonging, as we experience increased physical distancing.

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Using Microsoft Teams for social connection with your colleagues
General Tips:
  • Try using Microsoft Teams to translate office social activities to an on-line environment. If you celebrate team member birthdays in the office, can you think of how you might celebrate online? 
  • Schedule in social time or places - think of adding a separate ‘social’ channel on Teams for non-work chat where you might share pictures, jokes, recipes, anything of a light-hearted nature. Alternatively, schedule in a 10 minute social break meeting and invite your work colleagues to the meeting.
Queen's Social Media Accounts
Queen's social media directory: find the many Queen's affiliated accounts: browse by a particular social media platform or refine your search using keywords. 
Key Twitter accounts of note:
Faith and Spiritual Life
  • Faith and Spiritual Life is supporting community for students, staff and faculty via daily "Coffee + Conversation", or weekly "Soulful Singing and "Crafternoons".
City of Kingston Supports
Kingston-related Websites and Social Media Accounts
Articles, Podcasts and Other Resources Regarding Belonging & Social Connection
Online Connection Tools
  • ZOOM - online conferencing for professional and personal purposes
  • Houseparty -  a video calling app which allows users to interact with each other. Group video chatting is available through mobile and desktop apps. Users receive a notification when friends are online and available to group video chat.