Campus Wellness Project

Campus Wellness Project

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Professional Support and Development

For many of us, the way and places we work have changed due to COVID-19. Technology can assist us as we adjust to this new normal. While we remain productive during these times of physical distancing, we will be challenged by many factors. These resources, tools and strategies aim to help improve our new work lives. If you have ideas for links, tools, podcasts, strategies or other resources we can share, please let us know.

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Queen's Human Resources
Working from home and staying connected with colleagues, including IT guidance
Learning Online
  • LinkedIn Learning - Previously known as, LinkedIn Learning is a free (for Queen's staff, faculty, students) online learning platform that offers training on topics such as software, technology, business and creative skills. Containing the full library, LinkedIn Learning provides thousands of current, high-quality courses.
  • Harvard Business Review Podcasts - a variety of podcasts related to workplace issues
  • Indigenous Ways of Knowing Webinar Series - Moving from Patchwork Pandemic Pedagogy to Pedagogy of Peace. Facilitated by Lindsay Brant, Centre for Teaching and Learning. Offered throughout April, 2020.