Yasmine Djerbal, Ph.D.

"headshot of Yasmine Djerbal"(pronounced Yessmeen Gerbἁl)

Educational Developer| Anti-Racism and Inclusion

Contact Information

Email: yd8@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77741


Pronouns: she/her

In her position as Anti-Racism and Inclusion Educational Developer, Yasmine supports with design and implementation of the university-wide strategic plan for inclusive teaching and collaborates with Queen's teaching community to create anti-racist and inclusive curricula, content, and learning environments. She works with individual faculty members as well as departments to best incorporate anti-oppressive pedagogies within their teaching and disciplinary contexts.   

In her position, she offers consultations, observations as well as workshops and can support the needs of individual instructors or departments at large with:  

  • Fostering belonging through student engagement and community building.    

  • Brainstorming strategies for building anti-racist & inclusive pedagogies/teaching practices/learning environments.   

  • Incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in teaching and learning. 

  • Creating collaborative and community-based learning.    

  • Developing inclusive teaching practices for supporting Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous and students of colour.    

Yasmine first joined the CTL as an Educational Development Associate (EDA) in 2019. She holds an MA in Gender Studies and a PhD in Cultural Studies from Queen’s University. She remains involved in research and teaching, where her interests lie in critical race studies, immigration, citizenship law, gender, and Islamophobia. Yasmine is also a community organizer in Katarowki/Kingston committed to social justice and social change.