Teaching Dossier

What is a Teaching Dossier?

A teaching dossier provides a rich description of a person's teaching views, approaches, experiences, and evaluations. The sections, include a biographical overview, teaching philosophy statement, teaching strategies, experiences, effectiveness (evaluations and feedback), professional development, scholarship, leadership, awards, sample syllabi and more. A teaching dossier is ever-evolving like a curriculum vitae or resume, however it is distinct as it focuses on current goals and relevant experiences and examples in teaching and learning within its typical 6-12 pages length.

Sample Dossiers

Jenn Stephenson (PDF, 1.2MB)

Brian Frank (PDF, 378KB)

Elizabeth Sled (PDF, 68KB)

Andrea Phillipson (PDF, 522KB)

Sonja Martina Allen (PDF, 616KB)

Gregory King (PDF, 123KB)

Elements of a Teaching Dossier cover pageElements of a Teaching Dossier

The document gives you the basics of what is needed for a complete Dossier including a breakdown of how much of the dossier should focus on each individual section.


Elements of a Teaching Dossier (PDF, 747KB)



Teaching Philosophy Statements cover pageTeaching Philosophy Statements

“A teaching philosophy statement is a systematic and critical rationale that focuses on the important components defining effective teaching and learning in a particular discipline and/or institutional context” - Schönwetter, D.J., Sokal, L., Friesen, M & Taylor, K.L.

This document reviews what questions could be considered in crafting your own teaching philosophy statement.


Teaching Philosophy Statements (PDF, 265KB)



Video: Creating a Teaching Dossier


Creating a Teaching Dossier Title Slide for PowerPoint presentationPowerPoint Presentation: Creating a Teaching Dossier (PDF, 878KB)

More and more, universities require that candidates submit teaching dossiers when they apply for positions or as part their package for renewal, promotion, or tenure. A Teaching Dossier provides a summary of accomplishments, strengths, and directions as a teacher. In this session, participants will be introduced to the concept and structure of a Teaching Dossier. They will reflect on their own Teaching Philosophy and engage in a discussion of the outcomes and sources of evidence that can be used to support their philosophy, document their successes and direct future professional development.

This session will introduce and provide examples of the nature and structure of teaching dossiers, which are a valuable summary of accomplishments, strengths, and directions as a teacher increasingly submitted when applying for academic positions or for promotion, tenure or renewal.


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