Teaching Dossier

What is a Teaching Dossier?

A teaching dossier provides a rich description of a person's teaching views, approaches, experiences, and evaluations. The sections, include a biographical overview, teaching philosophy statement, teaching strategies, experiences, effectiveness (evaluations and feedback), professional development, scholarship, leadership, awards, sample syllabi and more. A teaching dossier is ever-evolving like a curriculum vitae or resume, however it is distinct as it focuses on current goals and relevant experiences and examples in teaching and learning within its typical 6-12 pages length.

Sample Dossiers

Brian Frank (PDF, 378KB)

Elizabeth Sled (PDF, 68KB)

Andrea Phillipson (PDF, 522KB)

Sonja Martina Allen (PDF, 616KB)

Gregory King (PDF, 123KB)

Elements of a Teaching Dossier: The Basics

"Header of Eleements of a Teaching Dossier: The Basics"The 2 page document gives you the basics of what is needed for a complete Dossier including a breakdown of how much of the dossier should focus on each individual section.


Elements of a Teaching Dossier: The Basics (PDF, 361KB)

Preparing a Teaching Dossier: Presentation

"Cover of PowerPoint Presentation: Preparing a Teaching Dossier"The PowerPoint presentation goes over the benefits and procedures surrounding a Teaching Dossier.


Preparing a Teaching Dossier (PDF, 4.74MB)