Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

Cultural Studies

Interdisciplinary Graduate Program

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Why Cultural Studies?  

Cultural Studies is graduate school reinvented for the 21st century. We are a self-governing, interdisciplinary graduate program for people who want to develop the tools to critically understand the world, and change it. The complexity of contemporary culture means that more than ever before society needs people trained in multiple disciplines, theories and practices. We work with communities throughout and beyond the university to create new forms and methods of research that could not be done in traditional departments. Our students write plays and curate exhibitions. They travel to Argentina, China and Turkey for their research. They win the highest academic accolades, including Fulbright and Vanier scholarships.

What unites all these diverse research agendas is our passion for social justice. We believe that all our research should in some way be capable of addressing real world problems. Students engage in community based research, working with indigenous peoples, artists, students, prisoners and activist groups to bring about social transformation. They also conduct artistic research (research creation) and present their work in a variety of media. When they graduate, our students have superior intellectual tools and practical skills that will last them a lifetime outside of the university.

Cultural Studies is a vibrant and increasingly influential area of research and teaching. Its interdisciplinary emphasis also is fast becoming a requirement for academics in most fields hoping to obtain grants and to make meaningful research contributions, yet most universities continue to be structured in such a way that prevents true interdisciplinarity. The Cultural Studies Program at Queen's University bridges these gaps, graduating interdisciplinary-based students who will be well prepared for scholarly careers and endeavours beyond the academy.

We offer a highly flexible and innovative MA program that can be completed in 10 months (Coursework MA) or 18-24 months (Thesis MA).

Our PhD program is designed to be completed in four years and also offers a dissertation option, a community based research project option, or an arts project option.

Why Queen's

Queen's University is one of Canada's leading universities with an international reputation for scholarship and research. The campus houses six libraries with over four million items and an extensive array of electronic library services, resulting in the university's reputation as an incomparable 24-hour learning environment.

Cultural Studies at Queen's is a growing, vibrant and exciting intellectual environment. 

Cultural Studies at Queen's University is committed to a diversity of students and faculty and to the global expertise that they bring to the cultural and academic fields. Our high-achieving students form the core of our vibrant intellectual community. 

Students work with distinguished faculty members from across the Queen's University campus who have combined their efforts to create a rich interdisciplinary environment for teaching, research and community engagement.

At Queen’s, graduate students from all disciplines learn and discover in a close-knit intellectual community. You will find friends, peers and support among the graduate students enrolled in Queen’s more than 130 graduate programs within 50+ departments & research centres. With the world’s best scholars, prize-winning professional development opportunities, excellent funding packages and life in the affordable, historic waterfront city of Kingston, Queen’s offers a wonderful environment for graduate studies.