Accessibility Compliance

Queen's is obligated to ensure that all of our public websites are "WCAG 2.0 AA" compliant by January 1, 2021. This is the standard adopted by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). Queen’s reports regularly to provincial regulators on our overall compliance with such standards.

Resources for creating accessible content

Accessibility Hub

Queen's Accessibility Hub offers many resources, including how-to information on website accessibility.

Web Standards and Accessibility Development Guide

Best Practices for Accessibility

Learn more about some best practices for accessibility on the WebPublish Service and Suport site, including information on:

  • Text as graphic
  • Alt text
  • Inline styles
  • Colour contrast and colour pairings
  • Link text
  • Video and audio captions
  • PDFs and document downloads

Resources: Accessibility

Tools for auditing content for compliance

The Sa11y tool in WebPublish

Making a website compliant with the legislation can seem daunting at first.

The WebPublish service includes on page alerts and tips on how editors can resolve accessibility issues in the content they have created.

[Sa11y icon used to check page accessibility]

Simply click on the sa11y icon on the bottom of the screen to show / hide accessibility errors, and warnings. These often include tips for how to fix the issue.

Sa11y is an open-source accessibility tool developed at Ryerson University.

Learn more about Sa11y and it's features



Individuals who manage publicly accessible websites at Queen’s can access Siteimprove, an accessibility auditing service that can identify accessibility errors as well as spelling errors and broken links.

Learn more about Siteimprove