WebPublish Content Management System

WebPublish is Queen's centrally-supported content management system (or CMS) for creating websites.

Why use WebPublish?

  • It's a free service.
  • It supports the university's goals of creating a unified and branded user experience across Queen's online presence.
  • WebPublish makes it easy to keep the Queen's "look and feel" while still creating a site that is unique.
  • Built-in styles and templates offer many layout options while maintaining a clean and professional look.
  • It's flexible. There are three tiers of service to choose from, depending on your needs and resources. No web developer skills are required to use the "Basic" service. Customization by web developers is enabled in the "Custom" and "Advanced" Service.
  • Training for web editors is offered regularly.
  • Dedicated IT Services staff are available to answer support questions.
  • Documentation specific to the Queen's environment is provided.
  • The WebPublish CMS is compliant with visual identity, accessibility, privacy, and security requirements.

Who can use WebPublish?

  • any academic faculty, school, department, or program
  • research groups and labs
  • campus service units
  • some departmental and interdepartmental initiatives
  • individual faculty members for professional profiles
  • student groups and associations with a full-time faculty or staff sponsor