Website Analytics

Web analytics helps to make informed decisions about the website structure, user experience, content, design and digital marketing. It also plays an integral role in developing digital strategies.


Web Analytics Tools

Most Queen's teams use Google Analytics 4 to analyze their website traffic. It is free and offers many valuable insights. WebPublish site owners can request access to Google Analytics via the WebPublish Support Team. University Relations provides educational content and advice on Google Analytics to admins of non-WebPublish sites.

Google Search Console is an additional analytics software commonly used across Queen's. It provides insights in website performance in Google Search and evaluates the page experience from Google's perspective. Please reach out to University Relations for access to Google Search Console.

Queen's websites must meet accessibility requirements (such as AODA). Siteimprove helps website owners and admins to monitor and understand accessibility issues and content quality. If you don't have access to Siteimprove, you can request an account using the Siteimprove request form.

If your team is experienced in web analytics and needs a custom solution: IT Services and University Relations offer advanced tools and best practices in web analytics.


Teams across the Queen's collaborate on web analytics, for example, via the Digital Analytics Initiative.

The Digital Strategy Team at University Relations provides advice and develops guidelines on web traffic tracking, analysis and reporting.