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Topics in Literary Study: Publishing Practicum

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Publishing, in its most basic definition, simply means to make something public and known. We will investigate various avenues to making your academic work known in this course. This seminar uses a practical workshop model to take you through the stages an academic article from draft paper to revision to submission and publication. You must have a complete draft essay ready to workshop at the start of the course—the focus will be on modes of revision and publishing, not on research and composition. Success in the Publishing Practicum requires regular attendance and participation in discussion; constructive and respectful peer editing; vigorous revising that responds meaningfully to peer review; and submission of your revised work to an appropriate scholarly venue for publication.  


In addition to participation in discussion (20%), there are six evaluated assignments in this class: 1. An abstract (10%); 2. A review of a peer’s draft conference-length paper (20%); 3. A market analysis of the journals to which you intend to submit your revised paper (15%); 4. The revised paper, expanded to journal-article length, complete with revised abstract and covering letter (40%) 5. A public communication-oriented “Spotlight” entry concerning your work suitable for posting on the department website (10%); 6. A Pass/Fail (5%) “Five Things” advisory for one peer’s expanded paper.

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