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English Department Student Council

The 2023-2024 Co-Presidents of the DSC, Sabrina Bernard and Kaitlyn Chevrier


Introductory English Courses

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Queen’s Undergraduate Conference in Literature

The QUCL Executive Team for 2022-2023 conference. The conference is an opportunity for undergrads to develop an essay into a conference paper, with the mentorship of grad student.

Verbal art can move you to laughter or tears, inspire passion or disgust, or change your mind.

Why Study English?

Two things set English literature apart from other Humanities, and they are two of the oldest and most powerful human inventions:

  1. Verbal art: Language is more than a tool for communication. Words artfully chosen and arranged can imprint themselves on your memory, move you to laughter or tears, inspire passion or disgust, impel you to take action or show pity, or—most difficult of all—to change your mind.
  2. Storytelling: Have you ever read a news article that begins with a story about an individual that illustrates a larger situation? Journalists do this because we respond more to stories than to statistics: storytelling reduces complex problems to a scale that our minds can grasp, and acts upon our emotions in ways that a simple presentation of facts does not. The discipline of literary study is the only one that takes verbal art and storytelling as its principal objects of study, so it alone helps you to understand these most powerful processes for exploring and shaping our world.

The discipline of literary study is the only one that takes verbal art and storytelling as its principal objects of study, so it alone helps you to understand these most powerful processes for exploring and shaping our world.

A message from the Undergraduate Chair,
Scott Morgan-Straker, PhD
Department of English

If you have any questions about the English program, please email

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Testimonial from a Current Student

Mariel MatsudaMariel Matsuda

BA, MA, Queen's

“Studying English at Queen’s, I have engaged with a rich diversity of literature, literary genres, and voices beyond any inert or exclusionary canon. Within the supportive and stimulating learning community of Queen’s English, I have developed the critical thinking and communication skills necessary for both understanding literature and meeting the demands of a dynamic job market.”

For more student testimonials, visit our Major, Joint Honours, and Minor pages. 

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What can you do with an English Degree?

What can you do with an English degree?The English program at Queen’s provides student with skills—especially critical thinking, communication, and research—that are directly transferable to careers in law, writing and publishing, government, education and more!

English Undergraduate Degrees

Featured Alumni

Elisa Hall

Elisa Hall

Class of
English and Business
Content Writer

"When I left Queen’s and moved to Vancouver, I thought I’d be lucky to get a job period. Instead, I found a job as a content writer at what I thought was a small furniture company. I got the job because of my writing. Not because I had the most experience out of all the other candidates, but because the owner liked my writing."

Not because I had the most experience out of all the other candidates, but because the owner liked my writing. Two and a half weeks in, my boss quit and suddenly, there was no marketing manager. My small writing product descriptions and the occasional blog post turned into something much greater. Two months and a half month into working at Moe’s Home, I was Marketing Coordinator and a month after that I got permission to rehire for my old position as content writer. I began to project manage, organize photoshoots, take creative direction, and go on work trips. I had the career acceleration of someone five years my senior.”

Bret Copeland

Bret Copeland

Class of
English and History
School Principal

“I am so thankful to have studied English at Queen’s University. The department has topnotch professors who both inspire and challenge your thinking. I learned to apply myriad lenses when examining literature, which deepened my understanding and appreciation of the human condition and universally shared experiences.”

Career Path 2 Years after Graduation

Mitangi Parekh

Mitangi Parekh

Class of
Communications Coordinator, Herjavec Group (2016-2020)

“At Queen’s, I studied Biology and English and, upon graduating, I realized I wasn’t very interested in science as a career. I want to be a storyteller and as a Communications Coordinator I get to do just that. Whether I use social media or blogging, I’m using storytelling to create quality content.

“Although my time with Queen’s English was ephemeral, I loved the close-knit community and the ability to take classes within other departments to use towards my English degree. The staff and faculty were absolutely lovely and did their very best to help you with anything you needed. Loved it!”

Career Path 5 Years After Graduation

Andrew Stokes

Andrew Stokes

Class of
English and Mathematics
Development Manager, Evergreen Canada (2019–Present)

“Went from English and student journalism to corporate communications to freelance writing and editing to non-profit writing. Didn’t realize until I started working how valuable, in-demand, and rare the skills I learned in English were. Now living and working in Toronto at a job I love.

“I came in knowing I loved to read, and not much else. By the time I left, I understood the mechanics of a good story and had the writing and editing skills to get a great job.

Career Path 10 Years after Graduation

Dr. Elaine Lam

Dr. Elaine Lam

Class of
English and Mathematics
Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning, Ryerson University (2011–2020)

Excellent program! Developed and honed valuable critical analysis and writing skills that
have been instrumental to my career.

Elaine has over 15 years’ experience in education, public policy, strategic advisory and nonprofit governance. Prior to joining Ryerson, she was a Senior Consultant for public sector at Deloitte & Touche LLP and a Senior Policy Advisor for the Ontario Ministries of Education and Training, Colleges and Universities.

Career Path 10+ Years after Graduation

Sean McGrady

Sean McGrady

Class of

The highlight of Sean’s time at Queen’s was serving as co-editor-in-chief of the Queen’s Journal. This experience, coupled with his love of English literature, propelled him into a variety of professional roles following graduation, including nine years in book publishing. He has worked in the communications field for the past six years, and is currently a director of communications and government relations in the child welfare sector.

A Unique Career with a Degree in English

Dani Levy

Dani Levy

Class of

Dani Levy is a science writer and amateur astronomer, who co-discovered the comet that collided with Jupiter in 1994.

Dani Levy has written 12 books on astronomy and discovered over 20 comets in his lifetime, some from within his own backyard.

Levy’s English background has been instrumental in his career as a science writer so that he could share his discoveries with the world.

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