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English Graduate Courses

Introduction to Professional and Pedagogical Skills I and II

Fall 2022
ENGL 800-002
Margaret Aziza Pappano

Topics in Literary Theory: Psychoanalysis and Culture

Topic 4

Spring 2023
ENGL 813-003
Angela Facundo

Topics in Literary Study: Publishing Practicum

Early Modern Literature and Culture: Merchant of Venice in Context

Topics in Early Modern Literature and Culture: Thomas Middleton (1580-1627) and the Profession of Dramatist

Topics in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature: The New Information Age

Topics in Restoration and Eigtheenth-Century Literature: Works of Laurence Sterne

Spring 2022
Christopher Fanning

Topics in Victorian Literature: Slumming in Victorian Literature

Topics in Modernism: Modernist Ecopoetics

Bodies in Motion: Refugees in Modern Times

Topics in Contemporary Literature: Anthropocene Aesthetics

Topics in Contemporary Literature: Reading COVID in the Anthropocene

Winter 2023
ENGL 867-002
Molly Wallace

Topics in Canadian Literature: The Climate Crisis in Literature Written in Canada

Fall 2022
ENGL 872-002
Petra Fachinger

Topics in Canadian Literature: Literary Place and Space in Canada

Winter 2023
ENGL 874-002
Heather Macfarlane

Topics in American Literature: American Poetry at Midcentury: Elizabeth Bishop and Her Circle

Topics in American Literature: Race, Repertoire, Archive

Winter 2023
ENGL 884-002
Kristin Moriah

Topics in American Literature: Reading Saidiya Hartman

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