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Living in Kingston

Learn more about what the city has to offer below 

photo of Kingston city hall

Living in Kingston

Learn more about what the city has to offer below 

The Department of English is committed to student well-being and student success as integrated elements of our mission. Although not exhaustive, the list below is intended to guide students to some of the many resources available on and off campus to support them during their time at Queen’s. Learning is not solely an intellectual enterprise, and we encourage students to practice self-care and care for others as they pursue their university journeys.

Students are always welcome to contact us if they require support –

Department Head

Sam McKegney
Watson Hall, Room 412
613-533-6000 ext. 74412
Office Hours: by appointment

Graduate Chair

Asha Varadharajan
(613) 533-6000 ext. 74420
Office Hours: by appointment

Graduate Program Assistant

Lovorka Fabek-Fischer
Watson Hall, Room 420
613-533-6000 ext. 74447

Living in Kingston

As an MA, MPhil or PhD student in the English Department, you will attend seminar classes, hang out in our lounge overlooking Lake Ontario, work at your desk in our student offices, attend regular speakers series, partake of the many social events organized by the GES, relax at one of many on-campus venues such as the Grad Club, and simply enjoy life in Kingston.

While you are here, a useful array of accessibility, health, and counselling services and events are offered by our Student Wellness Services. You can learn more about services of particular interest, such as dedicated health counsellors for graduate students, in information provided by the GES and SGPS.

Housing Resources

For housing in Kingston, our students have a variety of options based on their living preferences.

Living On-Campus

For student interested in on-campus housing, Queen’s Residences offers rooms for graduate students. Living in residence offers students the ease of a secure home, on-campus resources, residence counselling services and access to the cafeterias with the purchase of a meal-plan.

Visit the Queen’s Residence website to learn more about applying for residence as a graduate student.

Living Off-Campus

The majority of Queen’s graduate students live off-campus, and this option often entails searching through various housing websites until you find the right home for you.

The Society of Graduate and Professional Studies provides a list of housing resources on their website.

Community Housing manages the student rental properties owned by Queen’s University. This includes two apartment complexes located at west campus – An Clachan and John Orr Tower – as well as a variety of apartments and houses in the University District. Community Housing also operates an Accommodations Listing Service where external landlords can post listings for student rental units, as w ell as a Landlord Contract Program which requires landlords who wish to participate to undergo an annual property inspection to ensure the property meets municipal property standards.

To learn more on Queen’s Community Housing

International Students

Our international students benefit from the mandatory University Health Insurance Plan and many other resources and services found at the Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) .

The Society of Graduate & Professional Students (SGPS) offers resources to support international students both on-campus and off-campus. The SGPS also has an International Student Commissioner, a position that is currently held by our Sabrina Masud, an international student pursuing doctoral studies with the Department of English.

Sabrina Masud

To learn more, visit the SGPS resources page.

QUICInternational Centre (QUIC)

The Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) offers non-academic support for international students and other international members of the Queen's Community. Any Queen's University student may participate in the QUIC social events, training and other educational programs.

Employment Resources and Opportunities

PSAC Local 901PSAC Local 901

Graduate Teaching assistantships at Queen's are governed by PSAC Local 901, the union that engages in collective bargaining to work towards ensuring fair working conditions and responsible labour practices for graduate students.

To learn more, get involved and explore the resources and employment opportunities offered by the union, please visit PSAC Local 901 website.

SGPSEmployment with the Society of Graduate & Professional Students

The Society of Graduate & Professional Students (SGPS) website has a list of resources and employment opportunities available to support graduate students.

To see the list of resources please visit the SGPS resources page.

Visit the SGPS employment page to view the current job postings.

Dental Health Resources

Details surrounding eligibility and coverage for the graduate student dental plan can be found on the Society of Graduate Students & Professional Students website.

Academic Resources and Regulations

Statement on Academic Integrity

Queen’s University values and promotes an ethos of academic integrity, based on the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage. Departures from these values compromise the integrity of the scholarly community that the University strives to foster. Such departures are accordingly regarded with great seriousness, and are subject to a range of sanctions.

Learn more about our Academic Integrity Policies.

Student Academic Success Services (SASS)

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) offers academic support to students who wish to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing, and self-management. The SASS welcomes Queen’s undergraduate and graduate students at all stages of program completion and all levels of ability.

Learn more about Student Academic Success Services on their website.

Ranked #2Career Services

Career Services is here to help undergraduate students, graduate students and recent alumni from all disciplines. Career Services offers a comprehensive range of accessible services to support and empower you in making informed decisions about your career, further education and employment next steps.

Learn more about Queen’s Career Services on their website.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

The School of Graduate Studies is committed to providing a suite of workshops and resources that support our graduate students’ academic, professional, and personal success. The SGS offers workshops throughout the year, retreat, a 3-minute thesis competition, a graduate radio show and more.

The learn more about the opportunities available with the School of Graduate Studies , visit their website.

Dissertation on the LakeDissertation on the Lake

Dissertation on the Lake is a five day, four night writing retreat on the shores of Elbow Lake, 30 minutes north of Kingston and is held in August each year. This program was first offered in 2014 by the School of Graduate Studies to provide graduate students the opportunity to write in a relaxing and inspiring environment, setting aside the distractions of daily life at home. Ten two-bedroom cabins will provide accommodation and some writing space. A central meeting room is available for writing. Three meals a day will be provided. There is a fee for attending this camp and space is limited.

For more information and registration, please visit the Dissertation on the Lake page on the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies page.

Dissertation Boot CampDissertation Boot Camp

The Dissertation Boot Camp is designed to enable you to make substantial progress in writing your thesis in a supportive and distraction free environment and to join a community of other thesis writers.

These camps are held on campus in Douglas Library. During the camps, you will also have the opportunity to sign up for 25-minute one-on-one consultations with the expert staff of Student Academic Success Services: Learning Strategies and the Writing Centre to get personalized feedback on your written work and advice on how to address any barriers you encounter in your writing. This camp is free, space is limited and you are committing to attending every day of camp. Lunch and snacks are provided throughout the week.

The School of Graduate Studies will also be coordinating some virtual Dissertation Boot Camps.

A similar writing camp is often organized on PA days for students with children in Elementary school. Children can be booked into the Athletics PA Day camp at a reduced cost for camp participants.

For more information and to register, visit the Dissertation Boot Camp page on the Queen’s School of Graduate Studies website.

Mental Health Resources

In an Emergency Call 911 and/or Queen's 24-hour Campus Security and Emergency Services at 613-533-6111

The Student Wellness Services (SWS) at Queen’s offers a number of resources to support students with their mental health and build a strong community on a university-wide scale. These resources include:

  • one-on-one appointments with mental health professionals
  • wellness groups
  • wellness events
  • training for to mental health awareness and education
  • an online self-directed tool called Therapy Assistance Online (TAO).

Learn more about their services on the Student Wellness Services website.

SGPSSociety of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) Graduate Peer Support Centre

If you are a graduate, law, consecutive education student, or an undergraduate medical student the SGPS is your student society. Your elected executive team and the staff of the SGPS work for you.

Your student organization represents and advocates for you on all levels of University administration and lobbies the federal, provincial, and municipal governments on issues crucial to the well being and success of graduate and professional students.

The executive, elected representatives, and volunteer committee members represent graduate and professional interests and participate in the governance of the University Senate, the Board of Trustees, the University Council, and over 40 University Committees.

Visit the SGPS Graduate Peer Support Centre.


Community Resources

Yellow House at Queen'sYellow House at Queen’s

The Yellow House is a space for community-building. It is home to various social justice seeking clubs on campus, including

  • The African Caribbean Society (ACSA)
  • Levana Gender Advocacy Centre (LGAC)
  • Queen’s Black Academic Society (QBAS)
  • Queen’s University Muslim Students’ Association (QUMSA)

The Yellow House is a safe and accountable space for queer, racialized, and marginalized communities at Queen’s. Visit the Yellow House website to learn more about the clubs.

Four Directions CentreFour Directions Indigenous Student Centre

The Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre at Queen’s seeks to enhance the development and well-being of the Queen's University Indigenous Community. Four Directions welcomes and encourages all students to develop an awareness and appreciation of the Indigenous experience in Canada. In keeping with the teachings of the Four Directions, The Centre strives to support individual Indigenous Students in balancing their academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Visit the Four Directions website .

Follow Four Directions on Facebook.

Ban Righ CentreBan Righ Centre

The Centre is an inclusive community that serves undergraduate, graduate, professional, domestic, immigrant, and international women students. The Centre supports students participating in online learning and those attending classrooms at Queen’s University by providing workspaces, napping rooms, lunches, financial assistance and more.

More information on the Ban Righ Center and their services can be found on their website.

Financial Resources

Queen’s General Bursary

Application can be found on Solus.

Learn more about eligibility and deadlines on the Queen’s General Bursary page.

Queen’s Work Study Program

Queen's Work Study program provides eligible students the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time positions during a specified period of study.

Learn more about eligibility and deadlines on the Queen’s Work Study Program page.

For more information on financial resources, please visit the Queen’s Student Awards website and visit our Funding Offers page.

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