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Work Study Program

The Work Study program is offered to provide students with demonstrated financial need with the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their studies.

The Work Study Program is a need-based program, meant to supplement, not replace, government student assistance, student and family contribution. Students must demonstrate a financial need over resources available to them in order to be eligible for the program.

Queen's students assisting at a food bank

Eligibility Criteria

Automatic Eligibility Criteria – No Work Study application required for current year

Students, on an annual basis, will be automatically be approved for a Work Study Entitlement for the current fall-winter academic year on the basis of:

  • Receipt of work study entitlement in the prior academic year (e.g. 2016-17), and
  • if domestic / U.S. student 
  • prior government assistance received of $5000 or higher in the last academic year (e.g. 2016-17)

In order to remain eligible for this entitlement for the current year

  • Students must be registered in a full time academic load for both the Fall and Winter Term. 
  • Students who do not register in a full time academic load in fall and winter, or drop below a full time academic load will not be eligible to retain their entitlement.

By mid-July, if you are automatically approved for the current fall-winter Work Study Entitlement you will receive an email communication and will be able to view your Work Study entitlement in ‘View Financial Aid’ in your SOLUS Student Center

  • If at any time, you wish to request a cancellation of a Work Study entitlement you may email Queen’s at

Example 1) Automatic Eligibility

  • This Fall, Sandy is going into her 2nd year of her degree at Queen’s. 
  • She received a fall and winter work study entitlement last academic year
  • She received OSAP totalling $8,000 last academic year
  • Sandy will be approved automatically and receive a $2,000 Work Study entitlement for the current year. 
  • Sandy does not have to submit a Work Study application

Example 2) Standard Eligibility

  • This Fall, Justin is going into his 2nd year at Queen’s. Justin didn’t apply for Work Study last year.
  • He did not receive a work study entitlement last academic year
  • He received OSAP totalling $8,000 last academic year
  • Justin will submit a Work Study application and his need will be assessed based on the published eligibility criteria.

Standard Eligibility Criteria:

Work Study Standard Eligibility Criteria

Academic Session*

Entitlement Maximum**

Minimum Course Load***


Apply by: September 14

Domestic: $2,000

International: $3,000


18 Units over fall and winter



Full time academic load

Summer (May - August)

Apply by: May 31

Domestic: $1,000

International: $1,500


9 Units



Full time academic load

Summer (May-June or July-August)

Apply by: May 31

Domestic: $500

International: $750


6 Units

Summer (May-July)

Apply by: May 31

Domestic: $750

International: $1,250


9 units

*Work Study entitlements cannot be transferred from one academic session to another. Each new academic session requires submission of a new application. Also, domestic and U.S. students must be accessing government financial assistance in each academic session they wish to receive a work-study entitlement. For the fall-winter session, the minimum government assistance you are accessing must be at least $5,000.

**Effective September 2017, wage is $14.60/hour including vacation pay

***must be enrolled in academic term(s) for the academic session you are requesting Work Study

Key Activities and Timelines - Your To-Do's!
Work Study Key Activities and Timelines



Time Frame

Check eligibility before you apply

Work study is a need-based program and priority is given to students who are extended financially. Students must have qualified for at least $5000 in government student assistance to be considered for a fall/winter work study.

After open enrolment


Fall-Winter: Early July


Summer: Early May

Apply for Work Study Program

Entering students to Law, Medicine, first degree programs

  • Apply on Admission Bursary Application

Current Students

  • Apply on Work Study Application

Note:  You must be registered in the academic term(s) you are applying for work study

Please submit the application to:

The Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards)
Queen's University, 74 Union Street, Gordon Hall Room 125
Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6
FAX:  613-533-6409

Application deadlines vary

When you will be notified if you are eligible for Work Study

You will be sent an email to your Queen's email indicating your Work Study Entitlement

You can also check SOLUS-View Financial Aid

Within 2 weeks after submitting your application (Apply early!)

Find a job

Visit Career Services web site to learn how to apply for jobs and look at job postings, and what to do to get hired!


Important:  You must have an approved Work Study entitlement before you consider a Work Study position

Fall Winter:

Postings will be available starting mid-July



Postings will be available starting mid-March.

You've been hired!

Visit Career Services website for further information on accepting a job, and "to do's" once you've been hired.

Important:  When you get a job, you and your employer will sign an Employment Contract

The signed contract has to be received by Career Services before you can start work under the work study program

Fall Winter:  You can work between September 1 through to the end of April


Summer:  you can work as early as May 1.

What about?

See our FAQ's for common questions


How does getting a work study job affect my Government Student Assistance and other Queen's Financial Assistance?

Earnings through the Work Study Program are considered taxable income and must be reported on your application for government financial assistance (e.g. OSAP) and your Queen's General Bursary application. If you submitted a government student assistance application or a Queen's General Bursary application before you were awarded a Work Study entitlement you can update your application by providing the information, in writing, to the Student Awards Office.

Information for Potential Employers:

Detailed information for employers wishing to post a Work Study job is available on the Career Service website.

Other Employment Options

In addition to Work Study and SWEP, there are many opportunities for students to obtain part-time employment during the academic year. For more information on employment opportunities is available on the Career Services website and the Alma Mater Society (AMS) website.