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English Undergraduate Courses

Queen’s English offers small classes at every level of the program.

In this program, you feel a sense of community among students, while also having a wide range of courses to choose from.

We offer a number of Creative Writing courses, all of which can count toward English degrees.

From popular forms like children’s and YA literature to the classics, from Canadian authors to English-language texts from around the world, from medieval poetry to texts written this year, and including many LGBTQ+ and BIPOC voices, you will be able both to follow your interests and discover new ones!

New as of 2023: All 200-level ENGL courses (with the exception of ENGL 290) are now open to any student in second year or above: it is no longer necessary to take first-year English to have access to these courses. The prerequisites for 300- and 400-level ENGL courses are ENGL 200 and 290.

If you have further questions, please contact us.

Topics in Victorian Literature I

At Table with the Victorians: Nineteenth-Century Gastronomy and Food in Victorian Literature

Fall 2024
ENGL 451-001

Topics in Modern/Contemporary Canadian Literature I

Diaspora Writing in Toronto

Fall 2024
ENGL 466-001

Topics in Modern/Contemporary Canadian Literature I

The Giller Prize and Literary Prize Culture

Winter 2025
ENGL 466-001

Topics in Indigenous Literatures II

Indigenous YA Literature Written in Canada

Winter 2025
ENGL 482-001

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