On-Campus Faith Groups

University Affiliated On-Campus Faith Groups

Faith-Based Clubs Registered with the Alma Mater Society

A religious community group for Anglican and Lutheran students and students from other mainline denominations on campus.

  • A religious community support group for Korean Christian students on campus.

  • Email: 1ywk1@queensu.ca

  • A religious support group for students interested in and/or practicing Hinduism on campus.

  • Email: adhawan@qmed.ca


  • A religious community group for Ismaili Muslim students on campus.

  • Email: qimsaexec@gmail.com

  • A religious community support group for Korean Christians on campus.

  • Email: kcfqueens@gmail.com

  • A religious community group for Mormon students on campus.

  • Email: 11rcs6@queensu.ca

  • A cultural identity group for promoting Aboriginal cultures and traditions on campus.

  • Email: qnsaclub@gmail.com

Groups at Queen's University

The Anglican Chaplaincy at Queen's University is a church-funded chaplaincy operating out of St. James Anglican Church. 

  • The Geneva House is a church-funded Christian chaplaincy at Queen's University. 

  • Email: kooys@queensu.ca

  • Website: Geneva House

  • Address: 182 Frontenac Street, Kingston, ON

  • The Newman House is a church-funded Roman Catholic chaplaincy at Queen's University.

  • Email: chaplain@newmanhouse.ca

  • Website: Newman House

  • Address: 192 Frontenac Street, Kingston, ON​​​

  • Open Bible Fellowship is a Christian chaplaincy at Queen's University funded primarily by the student members.

  • Email: info@openbiblefellowship.com