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A "come hither look"

A "come hither look"

Letter to the Editor
Re: "Answering Dr. Freud's question" and "Spreading her wings"
Issue #4-2009

Hardly a prude, I believe that the human body is, at least occasionally, beautiful. And while I certainly enjoy a peek now and then, 2009's Issue # 4 was quite a surprise.

While my comments may be strictly "in the eye of the beholder," the images on the cover and pages 26 and 55 are what British critic John Berger, in his stimulating 1972 book Ways of Seeing, termed "alluring;" they invite the viewer to "come hither." As a photographer, I would argue that while an image may be titillating, it should always make "editorial" sense.

The voyeur—oops! I mean the viewer—can only wonder what Dr. Chivers is studying in the photo on page 26. Perhaps she is responding to the body language on the cover. Similarly, on page 55, it appears that actress alum Amy Ciupak Lalonde is not exactly "spreading her wings", 'tis more her blouse. At least Hugh Hefner, on page 25, had his robe closed.

As the Editor's Notebook in the same issue affirms, print is definitely not dead. I imagine that the issue will elicit plenty of alumni mail, pro and con, perhaps as much as received about Homecoming troubles. I eagerly await Issue # 1, 2010!

[Queen's Alumni Review 2010-1 cover]