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Disastrous consequences?

Disastrous consequences?

Derek Wilson, Sc'71, argues that the consequences of doing nothing to lessen the impact of climate change will be disastrous, and he says Canada has a role to pla\y in this process.

Issue #4-2010 of the print edition of the Alumni Review and the magazine's web site contained a lively debate on global climate change.

When the issues of global climate change and peak oil became well known to me, about four years ago, I soon realized that I was going through the five stages of a life-changing event: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance (and action).

One of the most comprehensive and informative books on the topic is Climate Change in the 21st Century by Stewart J. Cohen and Melissa Waddell (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2009).

Climate skeptics should carefully examine the graph on page 138 of The Long Thaw: How humans Are Changing the Next 100,000 Years of Earth’s Climate (Princeton University Press, 2009), a book by David Archer, a professor of geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago that shows the relationship between prehistoric atmospheric temperature and sea level. Archer shows how costly it will be to simply let emissions grow and have to adapt to the catastrophic consequences.

The Government of Canada will participate in a critical climate action summit in Cancun, Mexico, in the first week of December 2010 . It is imperative that Canada act as a positive consensus builder to help to achieve an effective and timely post-Kyoto greenhouse gas emission reduction agreement.

Derek Wilson, Sc’71
Port Moody, BC

The writer is involved with Transform Canada Student Ministries, an international Christian ministry that partners with local churches and youth groups across Canada to equip and transform the lives of students.—Ed.