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Editor's notebook: On paper, plastic, and apps

Editor's notebook: On paper, plastic, and apps

In addition to the online version of the magazine (which is also AODA-compliant for screen readers and other adaptive technologies), we’ve launched the Queen’s Alumni Review app.

[photo of a miniature figure reading a dictionary]
Photo by Bernard Clark (detail)

The editor, miniaturized and reading one of her favourite books.

Paper and plastic, and online reading

I received a couple of queries about the packaging of the last issue. A few (but not all) of our Canadian recipients received the last Review bundled with an insert from one of our campus or external partners. The combined mailing necessitated the use of plastic wrappers. I’d like to assure our readers that we use extra packaging selectively and choose plastic wrap that is not only recyclable but also bio-degradable. Thank you to Wayne White, Arts’64, who wrote to us by mail, and @mckGuyver, who queried us on Twitter. In this issue, we’re bundling in the Q-Chem Chronicles for our chemistry grads. Our November issue will include a communiqué from the Faculty of Law.

Many of our readers enjoy reading the magazine in print. We like it too! Let me reassure you, the print version of the Review isn’t going anywhere. But others prefer to read the magazine online, either for environmental reasons or for convenience. So, in addition to the online version of the magazine (which is also AODA-compliant for screen readers and other adaptive technologies), we’ve launched the Queen’s Alumni Review app. It provides the complete print magazine experience easily downloadable to your tablet or phone. Check it out in your Android/Apple app store. If you prefer it, let us know if you want us to discontinue your print subscription.

The international experience

In the next issue, I hope to feature stories of student exchange at Queen’s. If you had a transformational experience while at Queen’s, either as an international student on campus or as a Canadian student studying abroad, email me at review@queensu.ca. Your story may be featured in the November issue.

Connecting with readers

I hope to meet some of you who are returning to campus for Homecoming activities. I’ll be attending the Faculty of Law’s 60th anniversary dinner on Sept. 9. And I’ll have a Review table set up in
Grant Hall for Homecoming weekend (Oct. 13–15). If you’re ever on campus at another time of year, please feel free to visit me in my new office in Queen’sMarketing, fourth floor, Fleming Hall, Stewart-Pollock wing. The Review’s mailing address (99 University Ave., Queen’s University) remains the same.

Andrea Gunn
613-533-6000 ext. 77016

[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 3, 2017]