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Extracurricular learning

Extracurricular learning

Larry Rossignol, Artsci'75, Law'80, turned his passion – and part-time student business – into a career.

If you went to the Leonard Cohen concert in Grant Hall in 1975, you've seen Larry Rossignol's early work. His posters were all around campus in the mid-'70s, promoting everything from the upcoming Dan Hill show to a "No Nukes" talk hosted by Greenpeace. His designs gave you directions to campus services, lobbied for student fee freezes, and promoted departmental lectures.

[photo of poster promoting Grey House at Queen's] [photo of poster promoting Joey Smallwood lecture]

In 1979, Rossignol received a Tricolour Award, given each year to Queen’s students for their valuable service in extracurricular activities. Rossignol, then a law student, was very active on campus. He was a member of the AMS outer council. A host on CFRC Radio, he was also the campus station’s folk music director. Through his one-man venture, Teddy Tin Can Graphics, he designed hundreds of brochures and posters. He was the resident graphic artist on campus.

[photo of 1975 Leonard Cohen concert poster][greenpeace poster]

Following law school, he took a leap of faith, aiming to create a full-time job for himself in graphic design.

“I just loved doing it and the more design I did at Queen’s, the better I got,” he says now, “and I became more confident that I actually could build my life around what I loved doing.”

He taught himself computer graphics, an emerging field in the early 1980s, and went on to become a leader in the electronic arts.

He opened his own graphic arts studio in Toronto, Rossignol and Associates, which he ran for almost 30 years, creating advertising and marketing campaigns, publications, and corporate communications.

Now retired, he has returned to doing art for himself. This November, Larry Rossignol presents his first solo art exhibition, “New York Doubletake,” at Toronto’s Art Square Gallery.

[photo collage of gilded statues in front of a grand building]
Photo collage by Larry Rossignol
[Photo collage of a man sitting among skyscrapers]
Photo collage by Larry Rossignol

See more of his work on Twitter and Instagram


[cover graphic of Queen's Alumni Review, issue 4-2017]