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More campus scenes?

More campus scenes?

Letter to the Editor

More campus scenes?
Re: “And the winners are . . .” Issue #4-2009, p. 20
I just finished reading the latest Review and loved the winning photos—there are some really excellent pictures there. I think for next year you should add a new category of pictures, images taken “On Campus.” One of the things I think Queen’s has to continue to do in every way possible is to remind all of us alumni that we share not just an intellectual connection to the University, but an almost “visceral” one to the actual campus (and to Kingston).
Although we may have passed through Queen’s years ago and may now live all over the world, the memories many alumni have were formed and are anchored in the same few dozen acres of very special real estate, and I think that of all the ties that bind us together, that one is the strongest.
Peter Eddison, Arts’69
Rockcliffe, ON