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QUAA president's message: Why volunteer?

QUAA president's message: Why volunteer?

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The QUAA President's message

This is my second-to-last ­column as the president of the QUAA, your alumni association. My term ends next April.

Writing this column prompts me to reflect, as I so often do, on the work of the alumni ­association and why so many of us ­volunteer to ensure its ­vibrant ­future.

As many of you know, the ­association’s ­mission is “to reach out and foster a lifelong ­association with Queen’s, to engage our members in the life and work of the university, and to serve the alumni community in all its diversity.”

We focus on the following strategic pursuits:

  • Inspiring greater alumni ­engagement with the university and with each other,
  • Promoting a culture of philanthropy and ­volunteerism among current and future alumni, and
  • Developing bridges and avenues for current and future alumni to meet and network.

These goals allow us, as alumni, to come ­together and ­expand our own networks while raising the profile of our alma mater. Queen’s has always had an extraordinary reputation as one of Canada’s leading universities – one that strives to create a transformative learning experience for students and connects alumni all over the world. We want to continue working and ­expanding on that vision.

We are taught the spirit of ­volunteerism as ­students at Queen’s and that spirit continues as alumni.

Participating in the university’s upcoming 175th anniversary is one way in which the QUAA board of directors is helping ­engage alumni, ­expand networks and cultivate a culture of ­volunteerism and philanthropy. ­Although most ­celebratory initiatives related to the anniversary will take place between 2016 and 2017, we have ­already started laying the groundwork for alumni involvement during the anniversary festivities.

I have been fortunate to serve on the 175th ­executive committee with many other enthu­siastic members. Together, we are preparing to ­engage alumni with their local communities in promoting and raising the profile ­of Queen’s, ­nationally and internationally. I will update you on specific initiatives in the near ­future, but for now, know that Queen’s global alumni network will have an active role. If you’re looking for more information about how to volunteer for Queen’s, you can always check out our volunteer website.

Why get involved? This is a question I get asked a lot. The answer is simple. When we get ­involved, we can make a ­difference. Most of our volunteers are motivated by a strong desire to help out and make things ­better. It is an immensely rewarding ­experience to be a part of something bigger than you. Not only do you stay connected to the ­university, you also increase your network by meeting other passionate ­volunteers, learning from them and growing with them.

We are taught the spirit of ­volunteerism as ­students at Queen’s and that spirit continues as alumni. If you are not already involved, I invite you to connect with me and join our ­extended alumni family in ­making a difference. We can make things better together.


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