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Student research: Pharmacare in Canada

Student research: Pharmacare in Canada

[infographic outlining issues in pharmacare in  Canada]


In Duncan Hunter’s graduate course EPID 803, The Public Health System in Canada, students explore how health services are organized and delivered in Canada, research the factors that influence change in the health system, and consider current health policy issues. The course is a requirement for the Master of Public Health program at Queen’s.

The final class project is to research a key public health policy issue and present findings to the class in an infographic. The team of Alexandra Bond, Michaela Comrie, Meaghan Conrad, Danielle Lee, Jia Lin, and Charlotte Neville researched the issue of pharmacare in Canada, and presented their findings – and recommendations – in this infographic.

Universal drug coverage, as a complement to universal health care, is a hot topic in Canada.What are your views on universal health care for Canada? If you live outside Canada, what is pharmacare coverage like where you live? What do you think is the best model? Join the discussion: email us at review@queensu.ca.

The “Pharmacare in Canada” team received a People’s Choice award for their infographic from their EPID 803 classmates. Other teams won for their infographics on “Artificial Intelligence: the future of health care,” and “Smartphone use and motor vehicle accidents.”



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[smartphone use and car accidents infographic]
Smartphone use and motor vehicle accidents project by Natalie Anderson, Saba Berhane, Nadine Kebbe, Lilian Ochere & Rachel Samuel
[AI: the future of health care infographic]
AI and the future of health care project by Tori Barabash, Haley Golding, Anna Clarke, Sarah Jeffrey, Stephanie Wiafe, and Naeha Sharma
[cover image of the Queen's Alumni Review issue 3, 2019, showing art conservator Heidi Sobol with a painting by Rembrandt]