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Towards peace

Towards peace

On Nov. 11, 1964, Queen’s students organized a silent vigil on campus. Two hundred students gathered in the cold November rain outside the Students’ Union, then walked down to City Park& to lay a wreath at the Cross of Sacrifice, a cenotaph honouring Kingston’s war dead.In their collective statement,the students, representing a variety of campus clubs and political leanings,wrote,

“War in Vietnam, tension in Cyprus, and a divided Berlin make our task an urgent one. There is no meaning in a remembrance that does not link the violence of past wars with the dangers of our own time.

“… Fear must give way to understanding through communication. Ours is the same type of problem that faced those we remember on November 11, though ours is more urgent, more total in the nuclear world.

“… On November 11, in honour of those who died for a peaceful world, let us renew our efforts to build a world without war.”

Were you at the 1964 peace vigil? Let us know: review@queensu.ca.

[illustration of Queen's students in 1918 wearing army uniforms and Queen's students in 1968 at a peace rally