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Challenge encourages healthy choices during exam period

Queen’sU Be Well is launching the second annual exam health challenge.

“It was neat to see students using Twitter and Facebook last year discussing their views on which challenges they found easy or difficult,” says Beth Doxsee, Peer Health Outreach Coordinator, Health, Counselling and Disability Services. “As much as we have suggestions for maintaining health and wellness, many students have really good practical ideas that can help their peers get through this stressful period.”

Queen’sU Be Well is drawing on more campus resources this year for the 15 Days of Exams Health Challenge. A new challenge is posted to the Queen’sU Be Well Facebook and Twitter accounts every day beginning December 5. Participants get a prize ballot for each challenge they complete.

The organizers have asked their prize sponsors to write a blog post detailing how their services support students during the exam crunch.

New challenges to complement last year’s most popular activities include encouraging students to reduce their stress levels through laughter or doing something nice for another person. Queen’s Learning Strategies is offering tips for beating procrastination. Other challenges focus on healthy eating and exercise, two areas students often overlook when studying.

In addition to the challenge, Queen’s Learning Commons is sponsoring stress relief activities in each library. Queen’s Learning Strategies has created an exam hub with resources and strategies students can use when studying. Athletics and Recreation is offering a Yoga for Exam Survival program in addition to its other fitness and wellness programs. Students can register at customer service in the Athletics and Recreation Centre or online. The current edition of Student Health 101 contains exam preparation material as well.

Staff and faculty can participate in the challenge but aren’t eligible to win prizes.

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