Queen’s statement on the conflict in Sudan


Queen’s statement on the conflict in Sudan

April 26, 2023


The following statement was issued by Sandra den Otter, Vice-Provost, Global Engagement:

Over the past two weeks, conflict has broken out between rival forces in Sudan, with violence particularly affecting civilians in the capital city of Khartoum, as the numbers of those who have been killed or injured continues to climb. We have been deeply troubled by news of residents who have lost access to drinking water and other basic supplies, as locals find themselves caught in the middle of an increasingly urgent and fast-changing situation. Various ceasefires and truces that have seemingly been agreed to have not held for long enough for some residents to be able to stock up on those supplies.

The events that have led to this outbreak of violence in Sudan’s capital are complex and longstanding, but our desire to stand in solidarity with those who are impacted by the ongoing violence remains absolute. This solidarity extends to those in our local communities who have connections to family, friends and loved ones who are directly affected by recent events.

Queen’s vision is to work in service to the world’s most significant and urgent challenges, and to put these words into action, we must do so as a community. This statement is an expression of our solidarity, as a community, with the peoples of Sudan who are impacted by the ongoing conflict.

Our thoughts remain with those who have lost their lives and their loved ones at this most challenging time. At Queen’s, we will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds, and post on the Vice Provost Global Engagement’s website any action we can take to assist those impacted.

Through the Queen’s University International Centre, the university will continue to contact directly international students and new Canadians who also have family and strong ties to the region to provide information, resources, and guidance. All students can turn to supports and resources offered by Queen’s and campus groups. Student Wellness Services has expanded mental health services and weekly student wellness groups, and students can also access support at the AMS Peer Support CentreFaith and Spiritual Life also offers multi-faith, non-judgmental support. 24/7 crisis support and counselling is available to undergraduate and MBA students through the Console app; Graduate students can access 24/7 crisis support and counselling through Empower Me. Good2Talk is another 24/7 phone service available to all postsecondary students in Ontario.

Support resources for the Queen’s faculty and staff and their family members can be found at any time through the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).