DDQIC Event Commons is an open space, made for conferences or any other large gatherings.

The space can be used for student-led, faculty, non-profit and commercial events.

The space is located in the Rose Innovation Centre in Mitchell Hall.

Book the DDQIC Rose Event Commons


The Event Commons, captured are the tables and windows in the room.

Photo taken by Tom Ridout of Industryous Photography.

The Rose Innovation Hub is the central location for innovation and entrepreneurship activities at Queen's University. The space is home to dozens of innovation and entrepreneurship events, speakers, workshops, meet-ups, and conferences on a monthly basis. Do you want to host your event at the Rose Innovation Hub? The DDQIC Event Commons is the perfect space to host conferences or relatively large events. This dynamic space is open to students, faculty and members of the Kingston community.


Booking Information

The Event Commons is located in the heart of Queen's main campus, 10 minutes from downtown Kingston in Mitchell Hall. 

The Event Commons has a maximum capacity of 95 people. In light of COVID-19 restrictions, the capacity for non-academic events is 45 people. The space also has a variety of equipment available including:

  • Microphones 
  • Sound System  
  • Tables 
  • Chairs
  • Two Projectors 
  • Retractable Bleachers 

Time DDQIC Sponsored Club/Event Queen's Department Unit Event (Curricular) Queen's Student-led Club/Event Queen's Department Unit Event (non-Curricular) External Not-for-Profit Event External Commercial Event
Full Day Rate $0* $400 $400 $400 $400 $550
Hourly Rate $0* $100 $100 $100 $100 $125

Please note, while there is no rental fee associated with these bookings, a small cost may be incurred to recover wages for our Booking and Administrative Assistant ($17/hour). Whether or not these costs are incurred will depend on the level of administrative support required.


If you are interested in booking the Event Commons for an event, please email ddqic.roombook@queensu.ca for more information. Please provide the name of your organization, anticipated event date and purpose of event in your email. Replies will be sent out every 2-5 business days.