Meet the Startups

For the past decade, DDQIC has helped provide support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs. Upon graduating our programs, many participants have continued to work on their ventures, expanding their ideas and presence beyond the Kingston community. 

Algi Foods

Algi was founded by two students with a shared passion for food and sustainability. Frustrated by the current climate crisis and the lack of healthy and delicious plant based options available on the market, Alessandra and Devon set out to start a food company that would make an impact. 


Cleanslate UV

CleanSlate UV is a biosafety company creating the next generation of intelligent sanitization solutions. They leverage the power of UV-C light to kill the most dangerous bacteria and viruses without damaging devices. With a focus on rigorously tested and intuitive products, CleanSlate UV is trusted by world-class facilities, from hospitals to five-star hotels. 


Mosaic Manufacturing

In 2014 Mosaic introduced their patented SEME technology enabling multi‑material 3D printing at an accessible price point. Their technology has become the most widely used multi‑material technology on the market. Their mission is to bring 3D printing to the factory floor. 


Spectra Plasmonics

Spectra Plasmonics mission is to create high performing, simple to use products that empower anyone to make real-world informed decisions through leveraging breakthrough sensing technologies. Their was passionate about healthcare solutions and saw the potential impact our technology could make towards the drug-related challenges North America was facing. 


WaiveTheWait Inc.

WaiveTheWait is a patient engagement company that optimizes clinical operations by automating menial but complex patient outreach. This includes automating follow-ups, decentralizing the check-in process and reducing no-shows and late patients by providing them with personalized wait times using AI. This reduces operational overhead while allowing staff to focus on high-priority medical tasks. 


Nephron Health

Patient-centric coaching program with a digital companion to support kidney disease patients with information to be a confident patient. 


Spotlight for a Forgotten Light

The purpose of this project is to celebrate diversity in Kingston by supporting local artists and beautifying downtown businesses. This is achieved by working with Kingston artists belonging to marginalized communities and buying artwork from them that represents their identity as part of a minority group. This art is then displayed in downtown businesses, therefore adding vibrancy to downtown Kingston while showing representation of diverse groups.

Neuractas Therapeutics

Neuractas is a preclinical pharmaceutical company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Neuractas is developing novel drugs for neurological disease with high unmet need. 


Smart Biomedical

Smart Biomedical is a Canadian medical device company working to revolutionize modern medicine with intracavitary technology. Their first life-changing medical device was Smart Drain. Smart Drain facilitates chest tube insertion to treat collapsed lungs (pneumothorax) which can occur spontaneously or from trauma.   


Happy Trainers

Happy Trainers is an online platform that connects trainers and clients. You can find various personal trainers from different cities, review their verified certificates, compare them, check their schedules, and book an online session. You can also join the online session through their online video platform. They can help you get healthy and happy as soon as possible.