Mentor Network

DDQIC’s mentor network is as diverse as the founders we support, and includes seasoned entrepreneurs, business leaders from a variety of industries, and award winning faculty. 

Founders in all of our programs have access to our mentor network, and are encouraged to form lasting professional relationships where they can share challenges openly, discuss ideas, and exchange experiences.


Global Network

Our Global Network of mentors leverages the expertise of over 100 Queen's University alumni located in 8 major cities around the world to support ventures who are expanding globally. Alumni in the Global Network provide mentorship, connections with local business people in a new city, help navigating cultural nuances, and finding an apartment or even an empty cubicle. In addition, alumni mentors share their expertise through on-campus and remote speaking and pitch judging opportunities.

8 DDQIC Nodes: Toronto, New York, London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing

The value of having a mentor

Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Learning from a mentor who has been there is key to success. Mentors can be a source of encouragement, can provide key industry connections, and can help you with strategy and goal-setting. Browse the mentor directory to learn more about the expertise within the network.

Mentor directory

Discover the benefits of mentoring

By volunteering a couple of hours of time each month, mentors are making a profound impact on young entrepreneurs and their businesses. If you are interested in mentorship, reach out to us to learn more.

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