Courses in Entrepreneurship at Queen's

We offer dozens of entrepreneurship and innovation courses across campus at the undergraduate and graduate level, and free online courses for learners around the world.


As an Education student, it was incredible to find an opportunity that allowed me to combine my passion for education and business. The Dean’s Changemaker Challenge course (ASCX 200) was an incredibly unique course that allowed me to receive a hands-on learning experience while taking an interdisciplinary approach to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Emily Talas
Co-Founder of letsbloom, Artsci/Ed'23

Undergraduate Courses and Programs in Entrepreneurship

Whether you are currently enrolled in any undergraduate degree program at Queen's, or continuing your studies, courses in innovation and entrepreneurship are a great place to expand your entrepreneurial mindset and develop career-relevant skills.

Course List:

ENIN 140 Design Thinking

ENIN 200 Foundations in Entrepreneurship

ENIN 204 Publicity and Media Relations

ENIN 240 Explorations in Creativity

ENIN 250 Makerspaces and the Creative and Innovative Process

ENIN 301 Creative Entrepreneurship

ENIN 340 Topics in Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Intrapreneurship

ENIN 400 Design Sprint

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This certificate was designed to allow students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and to execute intrapreneurial innovation. Students will have the opportunity to study and practice skills in marketing and promotion as well as finance and business planning. Through a variety of interdisciplinary courses, students will be challenged to brainstorm, research, design, and present a new product or service to peers, end users, leadership teams, potential investors and to online and digital publics.

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The International Innovation Term - i2Trm - is a joint initiative between the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Dunin-Deshpande Queen's Innovation Centre, and the Bader International Study Centre (the Castle). i2Trm combines a semester abroad in the UK with the chance for students to form their own business venture, all while earning 15 units towards an undergraduate degree plan. This program combines the innovative programming and opportunities presented by DDQIC with the international location of the Castle.

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Take the Dean’s Changemaker Challenge to start your own venture, turn your ideas into reality and have a chance to win up to $10,0000 in seed funding! Dean Barbara Crow of the Faculty of Arts and Science challenges you to make changes. The Dean’s Changemaker Challenge is a hands-on learning opportunity for you and other undergraduate students from across the Faculty to collaborate to develop meaningful solutions to problems facing society today.

Course List:

ASCX 200 Collaborative Problem Solving

ASCX 300 Implementation Strategies

How to enrol in the Dean's Changemaker Challenge.

Course List:

CHEE 302 Technical Entrepreneurship

CHEE 410 Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Electrical and Computer Engineering (Innovation Stream)

ECEi is an undergraduate program option for Electrical and Computer Engineering students who are interested in learning additional entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

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Course List:

COMM 201 Introduction to Business for Entrepreneurs

COMM 305 Introduction to Entrepreneurship

COMM 405 New Business Development

Certificate in Social Impact

The world needs responsible leaders who are passionate about making a change and are ready to tackle challenging issues. The Centre for Social Impact at Smith School of Business is proud to offer a Certificate in Social Impact, which provides education and resources to the leaders of tomorrow.

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Graduate Courses and Programs in Entrepreneurship

This program is specifically designed for those who will start, grow, or drive new ventures in a startup or inside a corporation.

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Course List:

APSC 888 Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The initiative brings together PhD students from different programs of study into interdisciplinary teams of 3 to 5 members to assist local community organizations in addressing a particular issue or challenge of importance to them. With the benefit of a fresh interdisciplinary, analytical approach, the organization may receive the help needed to move forward in a positive way.

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Smaller than a course and focusing on specific career-relevant skills, we offer online workshops in innovation and entrepreneurship that can be completed at your own pace and allow you to earn a micro-credential from Queen's University.

Many of our micro-credentials are modular and can be embedded into existing innovation-based courses, competitions, conferences, events, or programs. Reach out to us at to enquire about getting access for your participants.

Design Thinking facilitates a collaborative approach to problem-solving that offers creative, iterative and practical solutions. This 3-hour, self-paced course provides participants with an overview of the Design Thinking process, and then guides them through an example where all the elements can be applied.

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In this 5-hour, self-paced course, learners complete a series of modules that provide an understanding of the current landscape of evidenced team-building knowledge, an introduction to teamwork, and the tools commonly used in industry. Learners will be able to apply relevant teamwork competencies in academic and/or work-related activities. Topics include What makes a successful team, Stages in team development, Diversity in teams, Know yourself and know your teammates, and Leading successful teams.

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By the end of the course, learners will develop their entrepreneurial mindset by learning strategies to develop and test solutions that address a real problem in the world. Learners spend 20 hours developing their own innovative solution to a problem while completing training on fundamental topics of innovation and entrepreneurship, including Innovator’s Mindset, Systems Thinking, Design Thinking, Customer Discovery, Pricing Strategies, Business Model Canvas, High Performance Teamwork, Project Management, and Pitching. Learners will synthesize the concepts and apply them to create a proposal that articulates the key considerations for their innovative idea. These concepts can be applied in learners’ future entrepreneurial endeavors, or to drive innovation within the organization in which they work. 

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