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International at Home

Internationalization is integrated in all that we do at Queen’s.

Students, staff and faculty each bring their own varied and unique experiences, perspectives, languages and cultures to the broader Queen’s community. Find opportunities here to relate, to learn, and to connect, with our global community.

At Queen’s we understand “International at Home” to be a phrase that encompasses the values that we envision for our entire community:

  • Embracing a global community in which multiple intersecting cultures, knowledge systems and identities can co-exist.
  • Promoting sustainability and recognizing our responsibility as individuals within an interdependent global community.
  • Making space for Indigenization in Internationalization: of perspectives, identities and experiences.

  • [International at Home reception at the Isabel]
    Andrea Stewart, Collectif9 cellist (left), along with Csilla Volford, and Tricia Baldwin, Director of the Isabel, welcomed students to a performance in the International at Home series at the Isabel. (Photo by Garrett Elliott)
  • [Flow Performance Dance Crew]
    Queen's Flow Performance Dance Crew performed at the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese dancing]
    Chinese dance performance the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [students at lunch]
    Queen's Bangladeshi Students Association hosts cultural events through the year. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [QSoE students in class]
    Queen's School of English students participate in many Queen's clubs and activities.
  • [students at lunch]
    Spend time with new friends over lunch at QUIC. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [ACSA fashion show]
    Fashion show at the annual African Caribbean Students' Association Culture Show. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Queen's Bands]
    Queen's has a Scottish heritage that is still celebrated loudly and energetically by the Queen's Bands. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese New Year celebration]
    Enjoy the many cultural celebrations on campus. (Photo by Lars Hagberg)
  • [performance on stage at the Isabel]
    Enjoy world music shows at the Isabel.
  • [people singing]
    At a Queen's Bangladeshi Students Association event. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [speaker at the Queen's Bangladeshi Students Association event]
    At a Queen's Bangladeshi Students Association event. (Photo by Bernard Clark)
  • [Chinese New Year celebration]
    Students from all backgrounds come together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. (Photo by Bernard Clark)

Be an active member of an active global community

A global community is not possible without a commitment to anti-racism and intercultural humility. This is an ongoing journey that all members in our community can engage with.

Find ways to enhance your global perspective, improve your cross-cultural competence, and explore your passions:

  • Learn about what makes an Inclusive Queen’s
  • Search the different workshops and training sessions offered by the Human Rights and Equity Office at Queen’s
  • Visit the Yellow House: A safe, comfortable and accountable space for queer, racialized, and marginalized students to create and find community
  • Explore the programming offered by the Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre, a centre focused on providing support for Indigenous students
  • Get advice on visas, meet other international students, and join fun activities at the Queen’s University International Centre (QUIC)
  • Utilize the university’s arts and cultural institutions and initiatives for deeper cultural expression and engagement
  • Learn how you can contribute to a sustainable global community at Queen’s.

Clubs and Associations

Queen’s has the highest number of student clubs per capita of any university in Canada. From Amnesty International and Oxfam to the Great Panda Society, there’s probably a club for you where you can meet new people, gain experience and have some fun!

Find ways to connect with others, impact your community, and explore your passions:

[snowman and students]

Volunteer and Engage

Think globally, act locally. Become an active member of your local community:

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