Course Readiness Checklist

Are you ready for the beginning of the term? Use the Readiness Checklist to ensure that your course is ready to go live to students! 

  1. Create Your Course
    • Is your course in onQ yet? You can use the Course Creation Tool+ (CCT+), our course management tool to create a new course, or to clone an existing course in onQ. 
  2. Add Content
    • Start adding your course materials by building a Table of Contents, and add new or existing activities. 
      Note: Make sure your course is Inactive when adding or moving content. If the course is Active onQ will send notifications to students informing them that new content has been added.
  3. Add your Contact Information on the Course Home Page
    • Make sure to insert your contact information as well as office hours and TA Information on the 'Course Home' page for students to see. 
  4. Enrol your TAs
    • Ensure that your TAs are enrolled in the proper Groups or Sections within your course. 
  5. Set-Up your Grade Book
    • If you are planning on grading using the onQ Grade Book, you will first need to complete the quick Set-up Wizard to customize your Grade Book to suit your evaluation methods for your course. 
  6. Activate your Course 
    • If your course is not set to Active, your students will not be able to access your course! Please make sure that your course either has Start/End dates set, or that you manually activate your course in onQ.  
  7. Notifications 
    • ITS and the Centre for Teaching and Learning will regularly post News Items to your My Home page, in onQ.  Ensure that you've set up to receive email/SMS notifications of these News Items posts, and more. 
  8. Welcome Message 
    • Email the Classlist welcoming students to your course, and advise that they set up their notifications to receive important information.
  9. Add your Course Reserves link to onQ
    • If you are using Course Reserves to provide a materials list to your students, make sure that you have added the link to your Course Reserve list to your course.