Welcome to the first edition of the Office of Partnerships and Innovation blog! Perhaps you are unaware of our department or maybe you have heard of us but are unsure about what we do within the university. There is a lot of information on our website and we understand that it can be overwhelming.

At the most basic level, the Office of Partnerships and Innovation supports the research enterprise at Queen’s by facilitating research, innovation, and technology transfer collaborations, helps external organizations (industry and not-for-profits) to access expertise and resources at the university, and provides resource support and incubation space at Innovation Park for startups (both within Queen’s and the greater Kingston region).

It is our hope that in subsequent editions of this blog, we can introduce you to the groups in the department and break down what we do into easily digestible pieces with concrete examples of our work and success stories.

To start, we intend to post updates on a monthly basis, so check back next month or subscribe to notifications by emailing Amanda Gilbert at amanda.gilbert@queensu.ca.

Have specific questions that you would like us to address in a future blog? Contact Amanda at the email above and let us know!